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Movies are today’s hot topic. Which movie has released, which one is about to, which one was a blockbuster or which didn’t make it up to the mark. People today, mostly prefer watching movies rather than skits, plays or theatre mostly. They are mostly attracted by the ideas or storyline of the movie but what grasps their attention the most are the characters and the people portraying them. Male or Female actor, they always catch the attention of the viewers and remain in the center of attention. Russia is a powerful country and along much other strength, it has produced numerous good looking actors and actresses that have become the favorite of people around the globe. Top 10 hot russian actress include:

10. Kristina Asmus

More of a theatre actress, Kristina was born in Moscow in 1988. She is mostly famous for a comedy serial called Interns. She played a couple different roles in theatre and has an upcoming TV serial in 2016.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Kristina Asmus

9. Natalya Gudkova

Born in 1977 In Gorky, Russia, Natalya is a famous Russian actress who has a tremendous fan following. She has worked in several films some of them include Wild (2009), Atlantida (2007) and A Driver for Vera (2004). She has worn several awards for her brilliant acting.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Natalya Gudkova

8. Evgeniya Chirkova

Working in different theatres, movies and television series, Evgeniya was born in 1974 in Krasnodar, Russia. She has done many movies and even won several awards for them. She is one of the best Russian actresses acclaimed worldwide.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Evgeniya Chirkova

7. Yanina Studilina

An important personality in Russia and worldwide, Yana was born in 1985 in Omsk, Russia. She has worked in different theatre plays and endorsing many brands in TV Commercials. She is not only acclaimed in Russia but also across the globe and has tremendous fan following for her flattering looks and impressive acting.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Yanina Studilina

6. Nastasya Samburskaya

A jack of all trades, Nastasya has worked in many different fields for a long time now. She has worked in films, in television series, as singer and a television presenter. Born in 1987 in Priozersk, Russia, this aspiring actress has been acclaimed worldwide and is most famous for a series called ’Univer’.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Nastasya Samburskaya

5. Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya

A famous Russian actress singer and a model, Anastasiya has worked in many different fields on many different projects.  Born in 1985, Anastasiya went on to becoming famous for her hit series Alyona and Matroesjka’s.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya

4. Ekaterina Klimova

Born in 1978, Ekaterina went on to becoming a famous Russian actress, who has worked in films, theater plays and many television series. She achieved the prestigious Viktor Rozov Award for her theatre play “Crystal Rose” (2000). She has a tremendous fan following because of her vigilance and brilliance.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Ekaterina Klimova

3. Evgeniya Khirivskaya

Born in 1981, this Russian actress has set foot not just in the filming industry, but also in modeling and theatre industry. She is most famous for her role in the television series called Matroesjka’s. She has since then been the fans favorite across Russia and other parts of the world.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Evgeniya Khirivskaya

2. Alina Sandratskaya

A director by profession, Alina was born in 1984 in Moscow, Russia. She then went on to becoming a theater and a film actress. She is widely acclaimed in Russia and has a large fan following mainly because of her direction skills.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Alina Sandratskaya

1. Valeria Lanskaya

Born in 1987 in Moscow, Russia, Valeria went from being a model to a world famous Actress. She has not only set foot in films but also in theatre as well as worked as a television presenter. She is widely acclaimed throughout the globe and not only in Russia. That is why she deserves to be the No.1 in the list.

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Valeria Lanskaya


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