Malaysian Singers – Top 10 Malaysian Singers

Malaysia is country rich with the treasure of art. And that art can be in one of its many forms like acting, painting, modeling, or in singing. It is said that music is the food for soul, and if that music has some heart touching words sung in a soulful voice, it add to the beauty of music.

Many of the people have this perception that mere music is nothing unless it has some lyrics that are delivered beautifully. Malaysian singers are famous all over the world for the beauty of their voice. Whether these singers are male or female, the beauty in their voice makes them a good singer

Here we have compiled a list of ten most amazing singers of Malaysia without any discrimination of male or female.

10. Misha Omer:

She is a singer of Malaysia who delivers and sings any kind of songs and lyrics with full heart. She even puts all of his heart to sing any song that has already been sung by anyone else in the past. She is one honest singer Malaysia has.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Misha Omer

9. Yuna Malaysian Singers:

She has maintained her own unique style of singing that closely matches folk. No other singer can have this style. She is one of a kind with richness in her voice.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Yuna

8. Hafiz:

He has very good voice and when he sings, he leaves every one spell bound. Even those people, who are unaware of his language, cannot stop listening to his songs again and again.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Hafiz

7. Anuar Zain:

He has a unique voice. In fact every singer in Malaysia has maintained their uniqueness and Anuar is also one of them.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Anuar Zain

6. Faizal Tahir:

He always leaves everyone amazed. He is one of the best from Malaysia, with popularity ever increasing all over the world. He is also an entertaining rock star.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Faizal Tahir

5. Jaclyn Victor:

She is one of the best female singers throughout Asia. She is a great singer as well as superb dancer too. She can manage to be awesome at high note due to her great vocals. Her singing and dancing together is a deadly combination ever.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Jaclyn Victor

4. Adira:

She is an adorable personality with a sweet voice. She has a true combination of beauty and talent together that mesmerizes every fan.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Adira

3. Ziana Zain:

She has a big fan following from many countries of the world. Her beautiful voice catches everyone’s breath. Her voice, face features, body physique and everything about her is worth admiring. With millions of admirers, she is one of the best voices of Asia.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Zaina Zain

2. Stacy:

She has got some great and beautiful voice as ever. No one can ever get to her level. She is a combination of beauty with talent. Her skills made her win various awards for her singing in Malaysia.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Stacy

Siti Nurhaliza:

Her name is enough. She does not need an introduction when we talk about famous names of Malaysia. With many songs in her native language, she has now proven her versatility by releasing an album in English too. No one can compete. She is the best and has all that need to stay the best ever.

Top 10 Malaysian Singers, Siti Nurhaliza

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