Malaysian Actors – Top 10 Malaysian Male Actors

Here we have a list of top ten male Malaysian actors. Girls from all over the world are die-hard fans of good looking men. No matter from what part of the world these men belongs, but if they have manly physique and facial features, they are all set to rule the hearts of girls all over the world. And why just girls, most of the boys idealize these good looking men and always try to be like them.

If the good looking men are actors, these factors help them to be famous as compared to a person who is not an actor. To top it all, actors have the most numbers of fans.

Malaysian men are smart and handsome too. Most them have usually naturally white skin that is appealing to many people. Let us see who the top ten male actors of Malaysia are.

10. Aziz Sattar:

He is a former Malaysian actor of old times. He was a great comedian, actor, singer and model of his time. He was basically famous for his comedy skill, but the Malaysian film industry suffered a great loss in the form of his death on 6th may 2014.

Malaysian Actors, Aziz Sattar

9. Norman Atun:

He used to work as a food wonder in Malaysia, but when he got his first chance to work in movie, he became famous and among the highest earning actors of Malaysia.

Malaysian Actors, Norman Atun

8. Aaron Aziz:

He is also a famous actor of Malaysia as well as Singapore. He has worked in various movies and TV commercials too. He has also won the award of best actor in Malaysian movies.

Malaysian Actors, Aaron Aziz

7. Adi putra:

 Mohamed Hadi Putera Halim is his original name. Besides being a movie actor, he is a TV actor, model and singer too. He got his fame form very famous Malaysian but violent movies. He is not a chocolate boy at all.

Malaysian Actors, Adi putra

6. Bront Palarae:

He is not just an actor but a multi-talented individual of the Malaysian film industry. He is a director, producer, model, and screen writer as well. Famous for his multiple talents, Palarae is among the richest actors of Malaysia.

Malaysian Actors, Bront Palarae

5. Fahrin Ahmed:

He is basically a TV actor with many successful on going dramas on many channels, but also has some TV commercials and movies on his credit.

Malaysian Actors, Fahrin Ahmed

4. Shaheizy Sam:

He has big fame to be the most promising male actor of Malaysia with many successful movies on his credit.

Malaysian Actors, Shaheizy Sam

3. Awal Ashaari:

He is not a movie actor though he is very famous among Malaysian people for his great work as TV host and news caster at many multiple TV channels.

Malaysian Actors, Awal Ashaari

2. Syamsul Yusof:

He has got his acting skills from his father who was also a big part of the Malaysian film industry in his era. He has many good movies on his credit where he has shown the best of his acting skill to be famous and he deserves to have this fame.

Malaysian Actors, Syamsul Yusof

1. Farid Kamil Malaysian Actors :

He is the best actor of Malaysia as per the choice of audience, directors as well as producers. While making a movie, Farid is a prime choice for film makers to be casted in their movies. His skill makes all of people his fan and never lets them go.

Malaysian Actors, Farid Kamil

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