Top 10 Mexican Actress List – Salma Hayek, Olivia Trinidad, Elpidia Carrillo

Smart, hot, beautiful and lot of skills to act in front of camera to entertain people, these are qualities required to be a good actress. Here is top ten mexican actress list you must know.

10. Adriana Barraza:

She has the talent to perform in any other language and not only native language of Mexico, and for this she has been nominated once for academy award. She is an actress as well as an acting teacher and does not feel bad about conveying her talent to others.

Mexican Actress List, Adriana Barraza

9. Daisy Marie:

She is actually a native of USA and was born there, but is in the list of Mexican actresses because she has Mexican nationality. Her reason of fame is pornography and nudity, which requires no talent to be famous.

Mexican Actress List, Daisy Marie

8. Ana dela Reguera:

Her real name is Annabelle Gardoqui. She has worked for many movies as well as a famous TV series of HBO too.

Mexican Actress List, Ana dela Reguera

7. Kate Del Castillo:

She is also a Mexican actress with sharp features and great unique beauty. She has strong command over acting and grasps any role.

Mexican Actress List, Kate Del Castillo

6. Susana Zabaleta:

We have heard beauty with brains phrase, but beauty with a good voice is even more appealing to anyone who watches and listens to her. Same is the case with Susana. She is great singer apart from being an actor.

Susana Zabaleta

5. Sara Garcia:

Her image is a little bit different from other hot and sexy actresses in the list. She is famous for playing the role of grandmother in various Mexican movies in 1940s period. She is still a symbol of representing elderly people in various brands, although she is not alive now.

Mexican Actress List, Sara Garcia

4. Dolores del Rio:

She was one of the eternal beauties of Mexican cinema, also known to be the most beautiful woman of the 1920s period. Her acting and beauty is timeless, despite of the facts that she is not among us now, but there was a time she used to rule Hollywood.

Mexican Actress List, Dolores del Rio

3. Elpidia Carrillo:

She is big movie names attached to her like Salvador and predator, but this is not all. She is a director as well as an actress who knows how to deal with all kinds of situations in film industry.

Mexican Actress List, Elpidia Carrillo

2. Olivia Trinidad:

She has the unique talent of video production attached to her. There must be something in her talent that she is the second most liked actress of Mexican film industry.

Olivia Trinidad

1. Salma Hayek:

She is a name known worldwide, rather than only in Mexico. She has won many titles related to beauty as well as her acting. She is a Mexican but has moved to Hollywood now. She is director and producer too.

Salma Hayek, Mexican Actress List

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