Top 10 Polish Singers

Poland is a country where art is widely respected and that art can be of any kind. Singing and music is the kinds of art that those who appreciate it do not even know they like an art too. However, singers in Poland are plenty, and each day new singers are born and make it to the market, but only few of them stay and are able to gain a name for them. We are going to discuss here about those ten Polish singers that are the best in their place.

10. Tadeusz Nalepa:

He was a famous singer, guitarist and vocalist of Poland, who is no more now. He died in 2007, but his works have left a deep impression in the music industry of Poland. New singers still make him role model.

Polish Singers, Tadeusz Nalepa

9. Grzegorz Turnau:

He is a good singer because he knows the value of composer’s hard work for a song. Reason behind this is that he is also a composer, in fact he is composer mainly, and then singer. Apart from this, he plays piano very well.

Singers of Poland, Grzegorz Turnau

8. Magda Umer:

She is a living legend in Poland, because of her award that was given to her by the president of that time on her services. She had excelled in other fields of music too.

Singers of Poland, Magda Umer

7. Adam Buszko:

He was born in 1975 and a multi-talented musician too. Most of the singers in Poland are multi-talented and excelling in other fields of music, and they do not just focus on singing only.

Polish Singers, Adam Buszko

6. Polish Singers – Ania:

She is one of the young singers of Poland, and has achieved great fame in a short span of time. She is inspired by old style of music and bringing it to roots of modern day music to present a blend of both for the young generation.

Polish Singer, Ania

5. Edyta Bartosiewicz:

She is polish singer with the most unique lyrics of her songs. She is also a pop star like ania but both of them have a different approach towards pop music. Seems like pop is the new thing in Poland.

Edyta Bartosiewicz

4. Borys Szyc:

He was born in 1978, since not too aged for the industry, still very famous among all. Apart from being a singer, he is an actor too, which adds to his popularity. Song  list of Borys Szyc.

Borys Szyc

3. Aleksandra Poplawska:

An actress come singer of Poland who has high potential of making her performance better every day. No doubt she is talented, and that is why she made to top ten lists.

Aleksandra Poplawska

2. Cezary Pazura:

He is not actually a singer but does wonders with his voice, because he is mainly a voice actor. He does mimicry and can copy any voice as it is.

Cezary Pazura

1. Margaret:

She has got whatever it takes to be a top most singer. She has a beautiful voice, amazing vocals and does full justice with any song given to her to sing.

Polish Singers, Margaret

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