Top 10 Popular French TV Channels

In France first television was introduced in 1931. Since that there are more than 25 channels who are broadcasting the program in entire Europe. Here  is a list of the top 10 popular French TV channels.

10. TMC:

Tele Monte Carlo one of the oldest channels in France introduced on 19th November, 1954 owned by TF1 and government of Monaco. This channel is showing the variety of programs including cooking shows and talk shows. The audience share of this channel is 3.4%.

French TV Channels, TMC

9. W9:

This channel was introduced on 31st march, 2005. This channel is broadcasting the program under the leadership of M6 group. Their sister channels are Teva, TF6, M6 Music Club, M6 Music black and many other channels. Viewers can view musical magazines, reality show, series, old series, animated and award program on this channels.

French TV Channels, W9

8. D8:

This channel is also a part of Canal+ + group. This channel was launched on 7th October 2012 in French language. This channel shows a variety of programs including entertainment, game shows, infotainment, info talk and lifestyle. The audience share of this channel is around 3.7%.

French TV Channels, D8

7. Arte:

Arte (Association relative television europeenne) is a French-German national TV network that encourages the programs of France culture and its arts. The market share of this channel in France is 2.2% while in Germany is 1% of the entire viewers.

French TV Channels, Arte

6. France 3:

This is the sister channel of France 2 and considered as one of the biggest regional channel in France. This channel was also known as FR3 (France Region 3) and in 1992 it was replaced by France 3. Viewers can see daily news and around ten hours of entertainment and cultural program on this channel.

French TV Channels, France 3

5. France 5:

This channel was launched on 13th December, 1994 and also a part of France Television group.  The purpose of this channel is to provide the knowledge of educational programming, documentary of various issues and youth program. It is covering the 3.3% market share by the viewers.

French TV Channels, France 5

4. Canal+:

This channel was launched on 4th November 1984 and was 4th national channel in France.  This channel has the honor to buy the TV rights for the FIA formula one world champion league in the world and also bought the rights of English premier Leagues which are most viewable league in the world.

French TV Channels, Canal+

3. M6:

This channel is also recognized as Metropole Television and one the most profitable TV network in France and in terms of viewership it is 3rd largest local television network channel in France. This channel is leading the M6 group along with other channels of the same group including magazines, Publication and media-related firms.

French TV Channels, M6

2. France 2:

Formally known as Antenne 2. This is the state own French public national channel. This was launched on 1st January 1974. Their sister’s channels are France 3, France 4, France 5 and France O. The audience share that is covering by this channel is around 14.1%.

French TV Channels, France 2

1. French TV Channels – TF1:

This channel was privatized in 1987 and formally called as RcF (Radio diffusion-Television Francaise) managed by TF1 group. It is containing the 24% market share, which is showing the popularity in the domestic network and considered as most viewed channels in Europe.

French TV Channels, TF1

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