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Media is one of those splendid inventions that have improved the lives of millions of people around the globe. It has helped raise awareness throughout the society, advertise popular businesses, update people on daily happenings, entertain them and much more. Media does play an important role in our daily lives. It helps shape the society and the Rise or fall of any country majorly depends upon its Media. At least one channel of any country is shown or broadcasted in any other county across the globe and can help in changing how people think about any country. These channels provide people with many services and have helped regulate the economy of any country. In Pakistan, Media is extremely popular and independent and has grown to various remote areas across Pakistan. But the competition of different channels still remains. Every day, a new publicity stunt increases the Television Rating Point (TRP) of any channel and they then become popular, powerful and rich. The top Pakistani channels are:

  1. ARY News

Owned by the ARY Group, ARY news started in 2004. It provides its viewers news and services in both English as well as Urdu language. It mainly broadcasts News and different talk shows along with commercials.

Top Pakistani Channels, ARY News

  1. Dunya News

Run by National Communications Services Company, Dunya News started in 2009. It provides its users with programs related to current affairs, entertaining talk shows and most importantly with the News of the world.

Top Pakistani Channels, Dunya News

  1. Geo News

A big name in Pakistan, Geo News is owned by the Jhangg/Geo group, offering its services in many fields across even the remotest areas of Pakistan. This channel was started in 2005 and is headquartered in Karachi.

Top Pakistani Channels, Geo News

  1. A Plus

A channel merely for entertainment, A-Plus is a low scale channel which gained popularity because of its splendid drama serials. It was introduced in the year

Top Pakistani Channels, A Plus

  1. Samaa TV

One of the popular news channels in Pakistan, Samaa TV has been offering its services since 2009. It provides its viewers with news and entertainment and also program son current affairs.

Top Pakistani Channels, Samaa TV

  1. Geo Kahani

Bringing different cultures together, Geo Kahani integrates drama serials from across the globe under one roof. It has popular serials and films originating from India, Turkey, USA and much more. It started in the year 2013 and picked up popularity mainly because of the Turkish Dubbed Drama ‘Mera Sultan’.

Top Pakistani Channels, Geo Kahani

  1. Geo Entertainment

Owned by Mir Khalil ur Rehman, Geo is a part of the Jhangg group famous for its newspapers. Geo has been in Pakistan for a long time now but during its tenure, has faced many hurdles and obstacles to reach the top channels. It was banned for some time but is becoming popular mainly because of ‘Nadia Khan Show’.

Top Pakistani Channels, Geo Entertainment

  1. Urdu 1

Founded by Alliance Media FZ-LLC Dubai, Urdu1 is a channel broadcasted in Urdu language. It started its tenure in Pakistan in 2012 and since then has reached to the top channels out of many channels in Pakistan.

Top Pakistani Channels, Urdu 1

  1. ARY Digital

Because of the most popular game show, Jeeto Pakistan, ARY Digital has left Geo behind in its own game. ARY Digital is a part of the ARY group and became famous during the banning process of Geo News. It has been in Pakistan for more than 15 years, providing entertainment.

Top Pakistani Channels, ARY Digital

  1. Hum TV

Nowadays famous for its Romantic Drama Serial ‘Man Mayal’ Hum TV has grown to become the most popular entertainment channel across Pakistan. It broadcasts different serials, soaps and Movies to provide its viewers with entertainment and their morning show ‘Jago Pakistan Jago’ has contributed mainly to its success.

Top Pakistani Channels, Hum TV


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