Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time

Music is indeed the food for soul, but good lyrics sung in a great voice make a song complete. Voice of a singer and the art of singing compliment the music industry. Many singers exist round the globe and many of them are born each day. But the ones who succeed in leaving their marks in hearts of listeners are undoubtedly are the successful ones. Female voice has magic which cannot be felt in the voice of any male singer. We enlist here the Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time and their credits

10. Rihanna:

Rihanna is an award winning Barbadian singer with many music awards on her credit. She has magical voice. Her singing career technically started in 2003 by singing some songs casually and recording them. These recordings were later recognized on a wider basis. Songs like Umbrella and Good girl gone bad have been sung by Rihanna.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Rihanna

9. Nazia Hassan:

She is a singer who belongs to east, but introduced pop music in east through her native country Pakistan. Her music was appreciated in other eastern countries as well as western countries. She died of cancer at an early age, but left a milestone in east through the way she sung pop songs. Her all time popular songs are aap jaisa koi and dosti.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Nazia Hassan

8. Shreya Ghoshal:

Shreya too is an eastern female singer with India as her native country. She started her career in 2002. After that, she has countless successfully sung magical songs. Songs like Dola Re and pal pal har pal are widely listened around the worlds.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Shreya Ghoshal

7. Lady Gaga:

With the name of Lady Gaga, first thing that come to mind is Bad Romance. Magical song and amazing album. Lot of versatility in one voice. She knows how to play with beats with her voice. Perfect combination of music and voice can be heard in her songs.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Lady Gaga

6. Taylor swift:

One thing to admit is west has a whole lot of female singers and beautiful voices. When we talk of Taylor swift, one cannot get enough of her voice ever. Best of her songs are Bad blood and I knew you were trouble.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Taylor swift

5. Katy Perry:

Behind the professional name Katy Perry’s real name is Kathryn Elizabeth. She was into singing since her teenage and she need was a break, which she finally got and made herself recognized worldwide. I kissed a girl and last Friday night are some of her unforgettable singles.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Katy Perry

4. Noor Jahan:

She is known to be the queen of melody in east and her voice still creates magic on eastern as well as classical music fans around the world. No movie in Pakistan was considered to be complete unless it has at least one song sung by her.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Noor Jahan

3. Asha Bhosle:

Legendary Indian singer, still alive. She has too many singles and a couple of albums on her credit. She is also famous for eastern music.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Asha Bhosle

2. Celine Dion:

No one can ever forget the magic of titanic and the magic of every night in my dreams. She is an incredible combo of beauty with a voice that touches hearts.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Celine Dion

1. Madonna:

By conducting lot of surveys, Madonna is considered to be always the most favorite female singers of all time. She needs no introduction. Her voice says it all for her.

Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time, Madonna

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