Top Ten Norway Actors – Rolv Wesenlund, Baard Owe, Aksel Hennie

Male actors of any film industry are the backbone to it. No matter how advanced the film is, every movie is somehow male centered, and unless there is a male hero in the movie, it is considered to be incomplete. Same is the case with movies of Norway. Norway Actors are stylish with good looks as well as amazing acting skills that make them remarkable. Have a look at top ten male actors of all time of Norway.

10. Rolv Wesenlund:

He is not among us now, but is still remembered for his versatile acting. He was a singer, comedian apart from being just an actor. With many famous movies and signature roles, his fame is eternal. He has also worked for sitcoms and TV series.

Norway Actors, Rolv Wesenlund

9. Anders Danielsen Lie:

He has many amazing and hit films on his credit and his journey of success is still going on. One inspiring thing about him is that he is a doctor too, with god gifted skills of acting and living in the character.

Norway Actors, Christian Rubeck

8. Norway Actors – Emil Marwa:

The Guru, Code 46, Doghouse and some other movies are the reason he is so famous in his kind. His acting abilities make him reach on number 8 in our list.

Norway Actors, Emil Marwa

7. Bjorn Sundquist:

He is an aged actor of the Norway film industry, mostly famous for his roles of hero in Shakespeare’s novel hamlet. Other than this, he is famous as a TV and theatre actor too.

Norway Actors, Bjorn Sundquist

6. Aksel Hennie:

Aksel is an actor and also a director and screenwriter of film industry of Norway. He has several successful movies on his credit and has contributed to these movies by more than just acting.

Norway Actors, Aksel Hennie

5. Christian Rubeck:

Born in the biggest city of Norway, Oslo. He is one of those actors who know what they are doing and about their future goals too. Just like any other successful actor, he has many hit movies on his credit.

Norway Actors, Christian Rubeck

4. Stig Henrik Hoff:

He was born in the Vadso city of Norway, and brought up in different other cities, and ended up being an actor, and that too an amazing one. Being a son of a singer, he knows more than one language and speaks all of them fluently, which has helped him in his acting career.

Norway Actors, Stig Henrik Hoff

3. Richard Matheson:

He was one the famous American writers but has nationality of Norway too. He was not an actor by profession, but has done some of the supporting and side roles in some movies for which he is still remembered till now.

Norway Actors, Richard Matheson

2. Sverre Anker Ousdal:

One of the aged and experienced actors of the industry, and ha acting skill even better than any of the new actors these days. He knows how to do justice with any given role.

Norway Actors, Sverre Anker Ousdal

1. Baard Owe:

Films, TV series and what not that is on his credit, he is all in one. Super talented and extremely influential with his acting. All his roles are better than previous ones and he is famous for breaking his own records.

Baard Owe

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