Top Ten Norwegian Actress – Liv Ullmann, Iselin Steiro, Natassia Malthe

Actresses of Norway are no less beautiful and hot as compared to actresses of any other country because of their boldness and good looks, that no one can compete with. Girls all over the country idealize them and take them as their role models, to become like them. But what it takes to be good actress is way too difficult to face. Let us have a review about the top ten beautiful Norwegian Actress.

10. Vibeke Lokkeberg:

She has always been the centre of attention in the industry among all female actresses because of her uniqueness of roles she does. She had one only 12 movies in her career but still very famous in all circles.

Norwegian Actress, Vibeke Lokkeberg

9. Norwegian Actress – Julie Ege:

She was a bold and beautiful actress of the old times, who is not among us anymore. She started her career with low budget film because she was not too good with her English, which she later improved.

Norwegian Actress, Julie Ege

8. Mahek Chahal:

She is based in India but a Norwegian actress too, with her career based in India. She has various item numbers and movies on her credit, although her debut was not so powerful, but now she is among average caliber actresses of Bollywood.

Norwegian Actress, Mahek Chahal

7. Anni-Frid Lyngstad:

She is actually a singer but exists in the actresses list because she has acted in some of her songs videos. Apart from acting, she is very good at singing and famous in other parts of the world, not just in Norway.

Norwegian Actress, Anni-Frid Lyngstad

6. Sonja Henie:

She was one of the highest paid actresses of Hollywood of her time, unfortunately not alive now. Apart from being an actress, she is famous for being a figure skater, and has won several Olympic medals for this skating thing.

Norwegian Actress, Sonja Henie

5. Maria Bonnevie:

She was not born in Norway but only brought up here. She did her career debut from Sweden but after that there was no stopping. Many Hollywood movies that are still liked by many people around the world are on her credit.

Norwegian Actress, Maria Bonnevie

4. Ewa Da Cruz:

An actress who works not just for films, but also for theatre and soap opera too. She had her fame due to all of these things since years.

Norwegian Actress, Ewa Da Cruz

3. Natassia Malthe:

Modeling as well as acting is her specialties, with being brand ambassador for many female products and lead female actress for many movies at the same time.

Norwegian Actress, Natassia Malthe

2. Iselin Steiro:

She is the second best actress of Norwegian film industry, and other than this, she has also the credit of being a model that grabs all the show stopper roles and does fair justice with it.

Norwegian Actress, Iselin Steiro

1. Liv Ullmann:

She is the top actress of the industry of Norway, and a top director too. Her movies are always hits, whether she acts or directs it. With many awards on her credit, she is on number one.

Norwegian Actress, Liv Ullmann

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