Top Ten Norwegian Singers – Aurora, Awill, Emeli Nicolas

Music has always been a medium of communication and conveying emotions, all over the world. If the singer who is singing along with the instrumental notes is not aware of your language, you can still feel the emotion in the voice, even if you do not understand the lyrics. Everyone can convey the lyrics, but doing it without the understanding of language is an art. Let us see who are the top ten Norwegian Singers that made it to be known all over the world by their voice.

10. Norwegian Singers – Samsaya:

All of her songs are all about love and what she teaches through her songs and videos is to be your own self only. One of her recent albums was launched this summer, which was a blockbuster all over the world.

Norwegian Singers, Samsaya

9. Pandreas:

He is Norway based singer who actually sings with electronic based music, and famous for also creating this type of music. His tracks are very nicely portraying several natures of movements.

Norwegian Singers, Pandreas

8. Monica Birkenes:

She is also known as Mr. Little Jeans and this name is driven from one of her songs which were very famous when it was released, and still loved and liked by many. All of her songs have very romantic lyrics.

Norwegian Singers, Monica Birkenes

7. Lindstrom:

He is also known as the disco king of Norway, because of singing some ultimately amazing disco songs of all time. These songs have remained chart busters for a long time and still played on dance floors in Norway.

Norwegian Singers, Lindstrom

6. Jerry Folk:

He is actually a producer by profession but also very talented in terms of remixing old songs as new versions, mixing old music with new pop jazz rock kind of music so that new generations like it is his specialty.

Norwegian Singers, Jerry Folk

5. Jenny Hval:

She is purely a self-made singer, because she makes, produces and sings all of her songs by herself, so if her songs are top on charts, then the credit goes only to her and  no one else deserves the praise.

Norwegian Singers, Jenny Hval

4. Farao:

She is famous as a singer since she was in her teens, and has been a member of many groups and musical bands, which have touched heights of fame only because of her talent. She is now singing solo songs.

Norwegian Singers, Farao

3. Emilie Nicolas:

She is professional singer with all the knowledge of music, because she has not merely started her music career, but has acquired certified education for this purpose. All of her fame she has acquired has happened only in a period of two years.

Norwegian Singers, Emilie Nicolas

2. Awill:

Rap is the new hype in music these days, because it is newer form of music, quite different from other types, this is why Awill is famous for, and is the second best singer of Norwegian music industry.

Norwegian Singers, Awill

1. Aurora:

She is only 18, but is the best singer of Norway because of her abilities alone. Companies struggle hard to launch her solo albums. Aurora songs can be called delicate in terms of her voice as well as lyrics.

Norwegian Singers, Aurora

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