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Here is the list of Top Ten Russian Singers: When we talk to anything related to music from countries around the world, Russia is supposed to be on the top of the list. Whether these singers are male or female, they have managed to gain fame and praise from all other countries of the world. Most of the other countries and their people are not aware of the native language of Russia, yet a majority of world population love to hear Russian music because of the voice quality of their singers and the depth and intensity if the music that touches the soul.

No matter to what country a person belongs or what language he speak, one cannot simply resist Russian music and singers’ voices once they hear it. Russian singers have the ability to make everyone their fan. Let us see the top ten Russian singers with number of fan and likelihood in the world.

10. Valery Kipelov:

Started up his career as band member but later parted his ways from that group due a few disagreements and started his individual successful career. His has many awards on his credit that he one for his own work.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Valery Kipelov

9. Irina Dubtsova:

She is an excellent Russian singer with good judgment of vocals and good voice, and judging famous show X-factor due to this reason.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Irina Dubtsova

8. Slava:

With one of the most prestigious Russian music award on her credit, Slava manages to be one of the top singers of Russia because of her heart touching voice and great grip over music and lyrics.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Slava

7. Dima Bilan:

He was once considered as the most popular man of Russia, and the reason behind his popularity was obviously his singing approach and skills.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Dima Bilan

6. Maxim:

Marina Maximova, nicknamed Maxim is a born singer. She was interested in this field since her childhood. She graduated from music of school in hi earlier teenage which brought her a big fame in her musical career a head.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Marina Maximova

5. Nikolai Baskov:

He is one of the powerful Russian singers ever seen. With full grip and knowledge of each and every point and detail of music and its field, he is a professional singer with an even strictly professional behavior in music.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Nikolai Baskov

4. Valery Leontiev:

He started his musical career in the earlier days of Russia and is still a successful singer of his time. He stands as one of the most famous musical figures of Russia because of his specialty in mixing vocals.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Valery Leontiev

3. Nyusha:

She was a beauty with amazing voice, one of the rare combinations in Russia. She is still remembered because of all of her songs and her voice was as heart touching as if someone who knows you very well is singing about your own emotions.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Nyusha

2. Zemfira:

She is famous for her hardcore music and vocals that are extremely aggressive as her own nature. She struck in the showbiz and still manages to lead because she knows what the current generation loves to hear.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Zemfira

1. Vitas:

He is the top most singer of Russia with a voice quality way too different from other singers in his category. He is popular around the world, especially in china. He also had an opportunity to work as an actor in a Chinese movie. Hence, a multi-talented individual, vitas is on the top of the list.

Top Ten Russian Singers, Vitas


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