Top Racing Games For PC 2016

Gamers and gaming has been the fever since years. The love foe gaming is usually something one cannot fall out of. It is usually said that if a man pauses his game for his girl, the girl should marry her definitely. But wait, why should a man stop?? If he doesn’t stop for you, never mind. Because he is too dedicated and compassionate in achieving goals and targets. Gamers are ideal men. And women gamers are something far more than cool as well as hot. Besides all other types of numerous games being launched in the market every now and then, racing games have always been like by gamers. Racing games gives them energy and motivation to be ahead of all, whatever the circumstances are.

Too many racing games are launched each year, some are all new to the market, while others are upgraded version of existing ones. Let us have a look at all-time favorite racing games of gamers around the world.

10. Hot Wheels:

Hot wheels have always been the best car brand for kids. Same is the case with hot wheels racing games. It is the best racing games for kids with lot of mental activity at one platform.

Top Racing Games For PC, Hot Wheels

9. Driver San Francisco:

This game moves you on the roads of San Francisco. You can start with a car and it’s guaranteed you can never end with that car because you have the option to change cars at any point in the race. This game has variety of names in which it is available.

Top Racing Games For PC, Driver San Francisco

8. iRacing:

It is stimulation racing with some very serious rules and regulation which are followed as they are carried out in any real race. Sometimes there is no line between real and gaming race when you are on with iRacing.

Top Racing Games For PC, iRacing

7. Assetto Corsa:

This game is an amazing work of realistic graphics. It feels as if the gaming is driving a real racing car and has to win at any cost. It has appreciative remarks too when a gamer wins at it.

Top Racing Games For PC, Assetto Corsa

6. F1 series:

The F1 series of racing games has always been popular for using the iconic F1 cars in it, but out of these F! 2013 has considered the best in all.

Top Racing Games For PC, F1 series

5. Shift 2:

Another combo of realism in graphics with a wide variety of driver avatars and car accessories to choose from. This game gives a real touch of racing to mere gaming, and creates and illusion of racing on the road with other cars.

Top Racing Games For PC, Shift 2

4. Dirt Rally:

Dirt Rally tells gamers how it is to actually carry out racing in rally when you have to deal with load of dirt around. Difficult roads and dirt on this side makes it called dirt rally.

Top Racing Games For PC, Dirt Rally

3. NASCAR Racing:

It is a series of racing games available since 1994. This game is regularly updated to add on to the adventure by maintaining the quality of graphics, cars, avatars and so on.

Top Racing Games For PC, NASCAR Racing

2. Forza:

When Microsoft and playstation combine, Forza motorsport and Forza horizon happens. These video games are more than real touch to the gaming industry that uses cars. Going through constant updates, the adventure is ever increasing.

Top Racing Games For PC, Forza

1. Need for speed:

This is the best racing game around the world due to its variety of versions and number of players around the world. It is frequently updated with more and more equipment and adventures for players, as gamers always look forward to it.

Top Racing Games For PC, Need for speed

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