Top Ten Facebook Games 2016

Stuck at work? Don’t know how to pass the time, while you have nothing better to do? Well here’s a thought, why not just log into your account on Facebook and play a few games to keep yourself busy. The time will pass quickly without you being bored. Here is a list of top 10 best Facebook Games.

10. 8 Ball Pool

It is a game consisting of a pool table, you can play this game against a random opponent who also happens to be a Facebook user. There are a number of options that one can avail once they start playing, not to mention the achievements.

Facebook Games 2016, 8 Ball Pool

9. Papa Pear Saga

In Papa Pear Saga, the player is to shoot pears using a cannon at other fruits. This game is affiliated to Facebook but is a It also has challenges of sorts in which the player has to shoot pears and aim for the pots below.

Facebook Games 2016, Papa Pear Saga

8. Texas HoldEm Poker

Know the best way to play your favorite game of poker without losing actual money? Well log into your Facebook and open Texas Holdem Poker. It’s the best thing ever and you will love it.

Facebook Games 2016, Texas HoldEm Poker

7. Farmville 2

Farmville 2 is a game by Zinga and is quite similar to another game which is known by the name of Tap Ranch. In this game the player has to tend to the fields, harvest and look after it and once the harvesting is done selling of crops is to be done. This is one of those games that you play when you’re really bored.

Facebook Games 2016, Farmville 2

6. Criminal Case

It is a hidden object game in which one has to find hidden objects and solve cases. It is actually a really good game and keeps the players engrossed and lets them pass the time. Have fun playing!

Facebook Games 2016, Criminal Case

5. Trivia Crack

Another good way to pass the time is to play Trivia Crack, it is something that you will absolutely love if you have knowledge about anything and everything. In this game first Facebook connects you with another random user or your friend and then you spin the wheel to choose a particular subject for which quiz will start. One the quiz starts it keeps asking one question after another, if you get them right but if you get an answer wrong then it’s your opponent’s turn.

Facebook Games 2016, Trivia Crack

4. Dragon City

If you want a game that has a very attractive and cute interface then Dragon City is the game that you’re looking for. In this game your aim is to create as many strange combinations of dragon as possible.

Facebook Games 2016, Dragon City

3. Pet Rescue Saga

Another amazing game by is Pet Rescue Saga. This game is not the traditional color swapping game. In this game the techniques are a bit different which makes it all the more fun.

Facebook Games 2016, Pet Rescue Saga

2. Farm Heroes Saga

In this particular game the player swap sweets for something more nutritious and healthy like fruits. The fruits include apples, strawberries, oranges and cherries, etc. Although the game is based on gathering three similar candy and swapping them for fruits it is very fun to play.

Facebook Games 2016, Farm Heroes Saga

1. Candy Crush Saga

Ever played this game? It is addictive as anything. The game has so many levels and keeps getting more and more difficult by each passing level but is the best thing ever nonetheless.

Facebook Games 2016, Candy Crush Saga

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