10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin

Many women across the world (even some men) want a perfectly glowing and beautiful skin.  People work hard to achieve a radiant skin. They turn to different chemical products available on the market to even out their skin tone, increase fairness, remove wrinkles and much more. What they don’t know is that these products do contain certain chemicals that destroy the precious skin cells slowly and secretly. But in this world there are some people who are intelligent enough to know that only the natural food available to the mankind can help restore their skin’s beauty and radiance. 10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin are given below:

10. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are overlooked many times but are a great source of Vitamin C that help regenerate the skin cells and help fight Crow’s feet( lines under the eyes). Bell Peppers consist of 94% water, antioxidants and help in repairing the skin after being damaged by the sun.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Bell Peppers

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Many people consider Oils to be fatty but a moderate amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help in providing Vitamin E that contains multiple antioxidants that grow hair, skin and nails. Olive Oil actually contains phytosterols, a collagen that slows down the ageing of skin and you can retain your youthful skin.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Virgin Olive Oil

8. Salmon

Salmon is a type of a fish that contains Omega-3 Fatty acids that can help to retain the moisture of your skin and repair your damaged skin cells. The Omega-3 Fatty acids actually fight certain skin diseases like eczema, acne and much more.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Salmon

7. Dark Berries

Dark Berries like Strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry are rich in Antioxidants that help in keeping the skin hydrated. It also has some Vitamin C and 85% of water that keeps the skin moisturized and help transport nutrients (healthy for skin) throughout the body.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Dark Berries

6. Dark Chocolate

It is true that chocolate eaten in large amount can increase the weight of a person but what people don’t know is that Dark chocolate helps to get a glowing and a radiant skin. Dark Chocolate is composed of 70% of cocoa which contains antioxidants and minerals like Magnesium and Iron that help oxygen transport, stress reduction and cellular regeneration.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Dark Chocolate

5. Liver

Liver is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Iron and Amino Acids that help the circulation of nutrients easy and efficient. The nutrients work to regenerate healthier and stronger skin cells as well.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Liver

4. Kale

Kale is a green vegetable which is rich in Vitamin A and C and helps to protect the skin from harmful UV light and those radiations that can penetrate through the sun screens you have applied. One cup of kale provides with 130-140% of Vitamin A and C. It keeps your skin fresh and even toned.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Kale

3. Green tea

Green tea consists of antioxidants that help restore your skin’s glow by supplying sufficient amount of oxygen to skin cells. Your skin becomes radiant, elastic and smooth by drinking green tea and can also help repair the damages by the sun.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Green Tea

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is mostly preferred for breakfast and is a whole meal in a bowl. It is rich in flavor and minerals that release androgen- a hormone that produces oil from the pores of your skin to avoid causing pimples. This causes your skin to be clear, smooth and radiant.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Oatmeal

1. Water (10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin)

There is no doubt that water is an amazing creation by God that has been blessed to us. Not only for the skin. Water is beneficial for each and every part of our body. Water contains minerals that regulate oxygen to our skin cells to provide a moisturized and a fairer skin.

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Water

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