10 Foods For A Bright Brain

A good brain is the key to a good body health. If the brain of a person functions properly, then it can be definitely said that the remaining body must also work in proper manner. If the brain is in a proper working condition, all the related nerves that lead to various other parts of the brain make the whole body to be healthy and in turn the person becomes a physically fir individual.

Food is something vital to human body. Making correct choices for the food a person eats is solely the reason of mental health. Presenting a list of 10 foods for a bright brain.

10. Fish:

Fish is full of good proteins. Having fish at least once or twice in a month boosts up memory and make it least probable for a person to have memory loss problems.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Fish

9. Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables especially broccoli, celery and cauliflower have a high content of vitamins in them that helps in the formation of new brain cells and with increasing age, maintain a mental balance and stability.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Green Vegetables

8. Nuts and Dry Fruits:

Seeds, nuts and dry fruits of all types are vital to the human brain. It has been clear with the help of studies that brain of those people who have regular basis intake of nuts are comparatively better than those who do not.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Dry Fruits

7. Chickpeas:

Apart from dietary benefits, chickpeas are also very beneficial for making up the degeneration process of brain cells with age. Eating chickpeas and keeping its intake in routine helps develop the neurotransmitters.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, chickpeas

6. Turmeric:

Alright, now here is something to be a spicy food because turmeric is mainly used to give curry its yellow color. Ingredients and contents in curry are very helpful in slowing the process of development of Alzheimer’s disease.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Turmeric

5. Green tea:

Green tea does not have milk or sugar in it, neither has it contained any traces of caffeine. This particular form of tea is meant to remove toxins from body. Hence, the food content that reaches to the brain has no harmful toxins in it, and pure food definitely enhances brain and makes it brighter.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Green tea

4. Egg:

Apart from having lot of proteins, egg is a food that has a whole lot of fatty acids in a smaller serving. Those who wish that their memory never gets cracked must include egg in their diet. Eating one egg daily for breakfast makes brain powerful and bright.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Egg

3. Beans and lentils:

Beans and lentils have carbohydrates in them which prove to be a special agent for a brighter brain. Lentils help in maintain the freshness of brain while beans serve as memory agent.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Beans and lentils

2. Chocolate:

Cocoa is the main ingredient of all kinds of chocolate. Milk chocolates usually have a lesser quantity of cocoa in them as compared to dark chocolates. Studies have shown that a limited amount of cocoa intake have a positive impact on brain making its performance brighter with every intake.


10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Chocolate

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1. Milk:

Despite of being an excellent source of calcium, milk and its products also enhance brain performance. Several other things like butter, yogurt, ghee etc. are an incredible source of brain health.

10 Foods For A Bright Brain, Milk

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