10 Foods High In Iron – Diet Plan

Vitamins and minerals have been always the primary need of human body to survive and stay healthy. Best way to obtain anything that your body requires is through food. Other sources of intake of these things are all artificial. Food can do wonders if correct choices are made regarding food. On the other hand, deficiency of iron can leave a negative impact on human health, causing them to function improperly.

Iron is one of those elements that build up the human body. No human can survive healthy life unless they have enough amount of iron in their body.

Let us have a look at list 10 Foods High In Iron, to provide a balance of iron in human body. It is advised to include these foods in daily routine and maintain a balance of its intake because everything is best when modest.

10. Pumpkin seeds:

Despite of pumpkin being a fruit related to Halloween, its advantages are too positive. Each and every seed of pumpkin is high on iron a must have for those who have iron deficiency.

10 Foods High In Iron, Pumpkin seeds

9. Oysters:

Oyster too is very rich in iron with many other advantages. Iron content makes it ideal to consume as an ingredient in many foods and dishes.

10 Foods High In Iron, Oysters

8. Liver:

Liver of any animal, preferably goats are very rich in iron. It is said that people who lack iron can cope up with this deficiency with the regular use of liver.

10 Foods High In Iron, Liver

7. Soybeans:

Amount of iron in soybeans is amazingly high. Nothing else can have this much amount of iron. Eat them occasionally with food to treat yourself with an ample amount of iron.

10 Foods High In Iron, Soybeans

6. Apples:

The skin of apples is said to have some really good quantity of iron in it. It is best to consume in pregnancy to obtain additional amount of iron to meet exceeding requirements of iron in body.

10 Foods High In Iron, Apples

5. Lentils:

All kind of lentils serves the best as source of iron in them. Keeping lentils as routine food never lets you get lack of iron in body.

10 Foods High In Iron, Lentils

4. Cereal:

Cereals are perfect combo of grains and lentils in all at one place, satisfying enough to meet the hunger needs of human body in addition to provision of ample amount of iron. No cereal can be made without the use of whole grains or lentils.

10 Foods High In Iron, Cereal

3. Spinach:

Green vegetables have always been thought as a very rich and nutritious food, among all of these vegetable, spinach is high on iron and very good for health just like any other vegetables of the same family.

10 Foods High In Iron, Spinach

2. Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds are tiny white seeds. Best idea to make its consumption a must in routines is to add in every coating of the deep fried food. This makes food look beautiful and at the same time ensuring guaranteed intake of sesames in routine.

10 Foods High In Iron, Sesame Seeds

1. Chickpeas:

Along with an ideal source of weight loss, chickpeas are also great source of iron. It provides with ample amount of energy due to the iron content in them.

10 Foods High In Iron, Chickpeas


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