10 Foods That Cause Cancer

Cancer has so far been the most deadly diseases in human history. It has been a result of a disciplined and wide study that most people in world die due to cancer every year in the world. When it comes to discussing about the causes of cancer, a single cause is not possible to be considered as the sole cause of cancer. Cancer can be hereditary, sleep disturbance or bad eating habits. Food is always vital when it comes to health. It can be simply stated that there are lot of foods and food items that human beings consume on a daily basis or an occasional basis, and they are completely unaware of the hazards of those foods.

Here we present a list of those 10 foods that cause cancer everywhere in the world.

10. Artificially bred fish:

It is a common belief that fish is healthy thing to eat, but nobody knows that fish these days are also rose artificially feeding them with some very harmful chemicals that causes cancer in humans when they eat it.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Artificially bred fish

9. Grilled or Processed Meat:

Meat, especially red meat when processed or grilled in some way, or is sort of burnt to be used or taste good can cause cancer too.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Grilled or Processed Meat

8. Microwave Popcorn:

There is no harm eating corn, but have it in pure form. The bag for microwave popcorn is line with a very harmful cancer causing chemical. It is aroused when heated.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Microwave Popcorn

7. Refined Sugar:

Any form of sugar that is refined and made available for use is an open invitation of cancer. Refined sugar is mainly found in candies and fizzy drinks along with many other products.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Refined Sugar

6. Hydrogenated oils:

Oil that is hydrogenated is also a form of oil which is impure in nature. Something when processed loses its purity and becomes prone to health damage.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Hydrogenated oils

5. Any GMO food:

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Food. It’s like changing the real form of something to make it convenient for use and increase productivity. It is indeed an invitation for cancer.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, GMO Food

4. Salads with dressing:

Salads are meant to be healthier and less fatty thing, especially for those who are weight conscious. Adding a fatty dressing of mayonnaise or cream etc. to a salad makes it unhealthy, and may cause cancer too.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Salads with dressing

3. Canned or Preserved Food:

As mentioned in an earlier article that canned food has a lot of preservative added in it to keep it fresh. Those preservative are not good for health and can certainly cause cancer and many other hazardous health risks.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Canned or Preserved Food

2. Alcohol:

Alcohol consumption has never been a good idea for health. It has been proved by study that people who are alcoholics have short life span as compared to those who don’t take it. And those who die definitely die of cancer caused due to alcohol consumptions.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Alcohol

1. Fried foods:

All food, especially potatoes are very harmful when served in fried form, whether it is fried to make French fries or potato chips, the deep frying action of anything releases certain chemicals from food that may cause cancer.

10 Foods That Cause Cancer, Fried foods


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