10 Foods To Lose Weight – Perfect Diet Plan

Obesity is becoming a widespread problem of these days, all around the world. In western countries like America, the body mass index (BMI) of every individual indicates that they are over weighted. Not only in western countries but also in various other countries of the world, people are getting too much of the excess fat on their bodies. The reason behind this rapid weight gain is the ease loving life style and ease at work. Everything happens with pressing a button. It is a universal fact that the more a person is physically, lesser they are at risk of gaining excess weight.

Food can play a vital role in weight gain and weight loss too. Losing weight by starving yourself is a common myth. U got to eat in every condition; it is only the choice of food that matters. Look at these ten foods very efficient to help you lose weight. This is your perfect diet plan till you lose weight.

10. Hummus:

Hummus is an Arabic dish which is made from mashed boiled chickpeas combined with some other ingredients, seasonings and spices to make it a perfect food for weight loss that satisfies appetite and taste buds at the same time.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Hummus

9. Grain bread:

Bread obtained from flour of whole grains is very useful for weight loss; it has no fats of cholesterol and a source of nutrition.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Grain bread

8. Salsa:

A mixture of different vegetables, an ideal food for weight loss with an amazing balance of mineral, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Salsa

7. Quinoa:

A very rich source of weight loss along with an excellent taste, good for those who love to eat tasty food.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Quinoa

6. Chia seeds:

Not an appetite satisfying food, but very good for weight loss. It burns excess calories of the body making you reach your desired weight very fast.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Chia seeds

5. Egg:

Egg yolk can be fattening, but the white part of an egg is simply harmless for you if you wish to lose weight, in fact this egg white would help you reach your weight goals within days.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Egg

4. Orange:

Rich and tangy in taste with weight loss properties makes orange an ideal fruit as well as a complete food to consume when you want to lose weight.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Orange

3. Almonds:

Yes, seven almonds in the morning before breakfast make it easier for you to lose weight drastically. Adopt this habit and you will surely see a change.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Almonds

2. Yogurt:

Milk when goes through the process of being changed into milk kills all the fats and calories in it, hence yogurt can an amazing source of weight loss with ample amount of calcium.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Yogurt

1. Chickpeas:

Feeling hungry?? Grab a handful of boiled chickpeas or make a spicy dish out of it like chana chaat made in eastern countries. We surely bet this is going to make you contended that you had great meal full of spices and low on fat.

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Chickpeas

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