10 Healthy Foods For Kids

Parenting is not an easy job, and when it comes to what our children should eat or they would like to eat, every parent considers themselves failed. Kids are very choosy with food. Their taste buds are not developed and they may not find everything delicious thing as tasty as you find them. Every mom wants their child to eat healthy food, whereas their child wants food which they find it tasty and appealing.

Here are 10 Healthy Foods For Kids which are absolutely delicious. And these are the goals for every mom to make their child eat these foods for their good mental and physical growth.

10. Vegetables:

Vegetables of all kind are a great source of nutrition for your kid. If you think your child would never eat them as whole, boil and crush them and make a patty out of it. Fry that patty and serve it in a burger or a sandwich. We bet they would love that.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Vegetables

9. Egg:

Egg has lot of proteins in it. A perfect diet for kids to consume in order to develop a great mental and physical balance in their tender age and grow up as healthy being.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Egg

8. Bell peppers:

Bell peppers are widely available in different colors, appealing and attractive enough for kids to eat. Make a carving or funny face or anything thing that make look interesting to them and ask them to finish it up. They will love it and have a lot of Vitamin C at the same time.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Bell peppers

7. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are an excellent source of nutrition with less or no fats, making it an ideal and easy to eat food for kids.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Chickpeas

6. Sweet potato:

Root of every plant is good for kid’s health but sweet potato has an exceptional taste for kids and can be served with a variety of dips and seasonings.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Sweet potato

5. Yogurt:

Yogurt is loaded with probiotics and calcium, a healthy and delicious treat for kids. And when it is flavored, kids simply love to have it as ice cream.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Yogurt

4. Fish:

All kinds of naturally raised fish are full of nutrition for kids and they love to eat fish in every form, served with a drizzle of ketchup.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Fish

3. Oats:

No kid would ever like to have oats the usual way. Make their oatmeal tastier with the addition of seasonings and spices they love to have. Make it colorful and make them eat to the disbelief that oatmeal can be made this way too.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Oats

2. Nuts:

All types of nuts and seed are rich in nutrition. Fill their pocket once or twice daily with a mixture of all kinds of nuts and tell them to keep chewing whenever they feel like. Leave them independent rather than stuffing their mouths.

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Nuts

1. Mango:

Yes, the king of fruits is also the best treat for kids. It is one of those few things which make child and mom both happy when the kids are eating it. Lot of ideas exists to serve mangoes like smoothies, nectar, juice or ice cream or anything, or just simply raw mangoes. Kudos!

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Mango

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