Armenian Food – Top 10 Armenian Recipes

Food lovers exist in each and every part of the world. Armenia is also not an exception to this case. Foods and dishes of Armenia are unique in its own way. Let us have look at top ten Armenian Food and Armenian Recipes that are a must try when someone visits that country. Keep it mind that Armenians love barley and this makes barley of almost every dish they cook.

10. Armenian Food –¬†Choereg:

This is Armenian sweet bread. It sweet because sugar is added to its dough at the time it is made. It can beat for breakfast, and liked all around the country. Choreg is way too different from other kinds of breads all over the world.

Armenian Food, Choereg

9. Harissa:

Harissa is an Arabic word for something made with pearl barley but in partial solid form. Chicken and pearl barley combine to form this scrumptious treat called Harissa.

Armenian Food, Harissa

8. Spas:

It is a soup kind of a liquid thing which is served hot in winter and consumed as soup where as it is served cold in summers. Spas is mainly made up of yogurt, barley and mint. Parsley or chopped coriander can be used for serving garnishing purpose.

Armenian Food, Spas

7. Ghapama:

Ghapama is a traditional food of Armenia made up mainly with pumpkin. This filling can vary, but normally the filling is cooked in a tenor and consists of vegetables and meat.

Armenian Recipes, Ghapama

6. Stuffed Chicken Wings:

Bones are removed from chicken wings and then chicken meat is filled with beef sausages and other desired thing, coated in eggs and bread crumbs and fried golden. It can be served with any dip or sauce.

Armenian Recipes, Stuffed Chicken Wings

5. Anoushabour:

A pudding kind of a dessert dish mainly made with barley and sugar, but require lot of hard work and attention while cooking, but the results comes out to be delicious.

Armenian Recipes, Anoushabour

4. Nutmeg Cake:

Nutmeg cake sounds strange but it is delicious delicacy of Armenia, they have mastered this art by balanced proportions of this nutmeg and topped with walnuts, the cake looks and tastes simply yummy.

Armenian Recipes, Nutmeg Cake

3. Tanabour:

As mentioned earlier, Armenians love barley. And Tanabour is a barley soup with yogurt and eggs in it. A touch of mint enhances its flavor.

Armenian Recipes, Tanabour

2. Trakht:

Trakht means treasure, and within a serving of these patties, one or two of them are filled with some slice of colored vegetable, to make it a unique thing. It is made up or meat and barley.

Armenian Recipes, Trakht

1. Armenian Recipes – Pilaf:

You can say that Armenian pilaf is the best rice dish on earth so far. The combination of spices and seasoning, along with additions of meat of chicken is such a thing to taste that it gives an aroma of divinity to rice, make it hard to resist.

Armenian Recipes, Pilaf

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