Brazilian Foods – Top Ten Brazilian Dishes

Brazil is said to be the home for good food, and it is one of those places in America that has the best food over the states. The Brazilian dishes and foods are so unique and well mad that they have formed a major part of international cuisine. Have a look at the Brazilian foods you must eat when in Brazil.

10. Bar Snacks:

Beer is served in bar chilled, but with empting foods it becomes more appealing. Bar snack usually include fried parcels, pastries with numerous types of filling and dips and toppings. All too scrumptious as refreshment.

Brazilian Foods, Bar snacks

9. Feijoada:

IT is dish of pork that need lost 24 hours to get ready including all processes. Along with meat, other part of pig like ears is also eaten with this dish. Beans and lentils complement the dish as must have. Some other things are also served at restaurants with Feijoada in order to digest it easily.

Brazilian Foods, Feijoada

8. Brazilian Foods – Acai:

It is a fruit but has many variations made with it, several drinks are made with it is mostly famous to be an energy providing food for all. Even acai beer and vodka are also available in the market with tinge of acai in it.

Brazilian Foods, Acai

7. Quindim:

It is sweet dish made wholly from eggs and sugar and given a form of a cupcake turned upside down with roasted bottom loaded with ground coconut. Special thing about this sweet is that it is primely made with eggs and cupcake size is enough sweet teeth’s craving of a person.

Brazilian Dishes, Quindim

6. Acaraje:

It is a black eyed peas coating filled with some shrimp mixture and double fried at each step, full of calories and heaviest dish for a person to have, because of number of calories in palm oil and shrimps.

Brazilian Dishes, Acaraje

5. Pao De Queijo:

It is a combination of cheese and bread which filled with more cheese in the stuffing. It is definitely something for the cheese lovers, and yet another fatty meal to have in Brazil. It is also sometimes filled with some meaty fillings.

Brazilian Dishes, Pao De Queijo

4. Brigadeiros:

A must have for a child visiting Brazil, but it is surely loved by adults too. These Choco balls coated in chocolate and different toppings is a mind blowing creation with chocolate to carve the cravings of sweet tooth.

Brazilian Dishes, Brigadeiros

3. Brazilian Dishes – Cachaca:

It is actually a raw drink that is the basis of making other drinks, and these other drinks include energy drinks too. Cachaca is made from sugarcane juice and used in making other drinks.

Brazilian Dishes, Cachaca

2. Moqueca:

It is basically a seafood dish. Fish or prawn or both of them are stewed with tomatoes, corianders and some other herbs to make a best combination and aroma for the dish. It is served with rice, or any other side dish.

Brazilian Foods, Moqueca

1. Barbecued Meat:

BBQ is the essential one to try when in Brazil, because Brazil BBQ is one the best in the world. They BBQ meats, sea foods, pork as well as chicken and combine these with whole lot of best spices and seasoning to come with delicious taste.

Brazilian Foods, Barbecued Meat

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