Chocolate Facts – 10 Facts about Chocolates

Chocolate is one edible item that almost all the people love. It is one of the best things ever for gifting purposes and for expressing one’s emotions as well. Now there are a few certain interesting things about chocolate that we might not know, so here we have compiled a list of some interesting chocolate facts. Take a look…

10. Anticancer

Chocolate is considered to have antioxidant content in it which basically means it prevents from causing cancerous cells and various heart diseases.

Chocolate Facts, Anti-Cancerous

9. First Chocolate Bar

The world’s first chocolate bar was produced in 1842 at Cadbury’s in England.

Chocolate Facts, First Chocolate Bar

8. Tranquilizer of Sorts

Theobromine is a chemical found in tranquilizers which helps in calming down and chocolate is said to have it in it. That is one of the reasons chocolate helps in calming down.

Chocolate Facts, Tranquilizer of Sorts

7. Feeling of Love

It is said that when one eats chocolate the similar hormones are released in the body which basically are released when one falls in love. These hormones are called endorphins.

Chocolate Facts, Feeling of Love

6. Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac is a form of substance that instigates sexual desires in people and chocolate is said to contain such contents.

Chocolate Facts, Aphrodisiac

5. Addictive

Chocolate is addictive in nature because of various contents and especially the caffeine in it even though it is very mild. But a bar every once in a while is not bad for health.

Chocolate Facts, Addictive

4. Chocolate Chips

Recently Lays launched a very unique flavor which is basically normal chips dipped in milk chocolate, mind you these are potato chips we are talking about.

Chocolate Facts, Chocolate Chips

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is actually really beneficial for health and can reduce danger of heart diseases by one third.

Dark Chocolate

2. Lethal Dose

In order for chocolate to be fatal for any human being they have to consume around 22LBs of chocolate which is equivalent to 40 Hershey’s bars.

Lethal Dose

1. Origin of Nutella

Nutella chocolate spread actually originated from World War 2 when an Italian baker tried extending the cocoa supply by adding hazelnuts to chocolate.

 Origin of Nutella


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