French Dishes – Top Ten French Foods

Food has been something some people really live for. Yes, some people are alive only because they love food and all they make up in their mind is what are they going to eat next. Such freaks love to try out everything and every dish that is supposed to be made anywhere in the world. Some of them love to cook, while others prefer ready to eat. For all kinds of food lover, we have brought here a compiled list of top ten French foods and French dishes, to increase knowledge and add them in the to-try list.

10. Tarte Tatin:

You must have tried apple pie, but this is a total variation of it. It is a little different version in which apples are left in butter and sugar and then covered with pastry puff, then baked.

French Dishes, Tarte Tatin

9. Ratatouille:

A perfect combination of green vegetables and herbs, cooked in manner of stir frying with very less or almost no oil or anything fatty in it. This can be eaten as it is, or used a stuffing or side dish with other dishes.

French Dishes, Ratatouille

8. Salad Nicoise:

It is eaten as a starter in French lunch or dinner. It consists of boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes and olives. And not to forget, the dressing makes it awesome.

French Dishes, Salad Nicoise

7. Confit de Canard:

Duck legs, yes, this dish is made of duck legs. The legs are left for 24 hours with spices and seasonings to get marinated nicely, and then roasted or cooked meat is served with potatoes as a side dish.

French Dishes, Confit de Canard

6. French Dishes – Flamiche:

Literal meaning of Flamiche is cake. This dish is in a form of a cake, in which stuffing is made between layers of pie crust. Sometimes the top layer is absent which makes it a type of pizza.

French Dishes, Flamiche

5. Chocolate Soufflé:

This dish or dessert is only chocolate, nothing else. It has bit harder chocolate covering on top of tender and soft layer of chocolate inside. A perfect dessert after meal one should not miss.

French Foods, Chocolate Soufflé

4. Boeuf Bourguignon:

It is beef made with wine and some other seasoning, but wine being the main ingredient. At the time of serving, some side dishes are added with it.

French Foods, Boeuf Bourguignon

3. French Foods – Cheese:

French the fathers of cheese. They serve cheese is many varieties, and also eat it in between meals. You cannot even imagine the varieties of French cheese France has to offer.

French Foods, Cheese

2. Wine:

Wine of France is famous all over the world. New, old, branded, local and of all kinds of French wines is something people all over the world long for. French wine has a unique taste that no other has.

French Foods, Wine

1. Soupe a l’oignon:

It is a beef soup in which beef is beef is used to have beef stock, the onions are cooked in it. It is traditionally served with croutons and cheese as its topping. It has originated from Rome but is now a French cuisine.

French Foods, Soupe a l’oignon

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