Malaysian Foods – Top Ten Malaysian Dishes

Eating has always been more than an obsession and passion for a great number of people in the world. And that also implies for the people of Malaysia. They simply love food and their love for food results in new variations and innovations in the cooking style and dishes that they introduce to the world. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, let yourself must try the amazing taste of these top ten Malaysian foods, which are must try for all.

10. Fresh River Prawns:

It should not be forgotten that Malaysian people have craze for all kind of seafood. Fresh river prawns are also great to carve their craving of seafood. They are immediately cooked after taking them out of water, a must try from Malaysia.

Malaysian Foods, Fresh River Prawns

9. Charsiew:

It is also known as BBQ pork. Meat of the pig is skewered with the help of a fork and then cooked in a pan or in oven with lots of spices and seasonings and then served with rice or any other side dish.

Malaysian Foods, Charsiew

8. Satay Malaysian Foods:

This is a simple BBQ meat served with any kind of dip and rice, along with other vegetables. Making it a healthy food for all that tastes like junk food.

Malaysian Foods, Satay Malaysian Foods

7. Nasi Kandar:

This is a popular dish of rice for the rice lovers around the world. These rice are cooked with very little and mild flavor and eaten with any kind of gravy, curry or sauce poured over it and mixed well.

Malaysian Foods, Nasi Kandar

6. Flat Noodles:

It is also called Sang Har Noodles. This is also a basic dish that needs to be served with any side dish to spice it up with any kind of meat, according to the taste of one that eats it.

Malaysian Foods, Flat Noodles

5. Fried Yellow Noodles:

It is also called Hokkien Mee. It is a Chinese style dish usually served with pork, it might not be wrong if we say that pork is the basic ingredient of this dish.

Malaysian Foods, Fried Yellow Noodles

4. Nasi Dagang:

It is mainly a breakfast food. This food is mainly made up of fish, curry, vegetables and soy sauce to top up with the rice to make them coordinate with the aroma of the things to make up an innovative taste.

Malaysian Foods, Nasi Dagang

3. Banana leaf:

Although banana leaf is something that is helpful in serving the Malaysian dishes, yet it is considered as a main item in Malaysian food. It is popular in Malaysia to serve any traditional food in a banana leaf to make it look good as well as to contain the aroma of the leaf in the food to make it tastier.

Malaysian Foods, Banana leaf

2. Nasi Lemak:

Whenever we talk about rice in Malaysia, we mean Nasi Lemak that is rice with cream. Whenever rice is served with anything in Malaysia, it is this kind of rice with coconut aroma in it to compliment the taste of all other side dishes.

Malaysian Foods, Nasi Lemak

1. Bakuteh:

It is stated as BKT in menus of all restaurants and most highly demanded dish in Malaysian restaurants. BKT is must try for anyone who visits Malaysia first time ever. It is basically the stalk of pork ribs made to boil for as long as possible (hours, days) with other herbs and vegetables for mixed kind of aroma.

Malaysian Foods, Bakuteh

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