Polish Food – Top 10 Poland Dishes Recipes

Are you searching for Poland Dishes Recipes? Polish food is full of calories, because it has mainly meat and other fatty things like sour cream and flour etc. in its main ingredients, which makes it to be so fatty. But once you taste polish food, it is very difficult to resist it, as it is the best taste one can have in life. Polish delicacies are famous all over the world because of their scrumptious taste, and it was very difficult to choose ten from them, still we have compiled a list of top ten of them.

10. Polish Croissant Cookies:

Puff pastry cookies filled with jam or any chocolate filling, this is what polish croissants are like. Simply delicious to have one or two after every meal, because dessert is a must after every meal.

Polish Food, Polish Croissant Cookies

9. Polish Food – Goulash:

Also called Gulasz, it is meat stew served with potato and other side line like bell peppers and potatoes. This dish originated in Hungary but he version of Poland is a bit different and worth giving a try.

Polish Food, Goulash

8. Pork Cutlet:

Kotlet Schabowy is its polish name. People like to eat it made with pork, but it can also be made with chicken. These are meat made cutlets coated with breadcrumbs and they fried in hot oil to give it golden color. It can be served with any dip or sauce.

Polish Food, Pork Cutlet

7. Poland Dishes – Hunter’s Stew:

Another kind of dish made with meat in Poland s hunter’s stew, or Bigos. It is served with onions, mushrooms and various other spices to make it a deadly combo of tasteful things.

Poland Dishes, Hunter’s Stew

6. Herring:

Herring is a fish which is cooked in oil and served with roasted or fried onions, and it comes up to be perfect dish for those who love seafood.

Poland Dishes, Herring

5. Lazanki Kapusta:

We do not have any idea about its English name, but we assure that the taste is simply awesome. It is made up of pork. Pasta, vegetables and other delicious things.

Poland Dishes, Lazanki Kapusta

4. Cabbage Rolls:

Cabbage leaves are used as wraps for rolls, and it is and amazing concept for cooking. Any type filling either made of meat or sausages, mixed with vegetables or only vegetable filling is wrapped in cabbage rolls and fried to bring up a great combination of healthy and tasty snack. It is also called golabki.

Poland Dishes, Cabbage Rolls

3. Chicken Broth Or Soup:

It is the simplest form of chicken soup but is preferred to be served before every meal as a starter. It is chicken boiled in water with some amazing seasonings and then served with a combination of herbs, vegetables and eggs etc. It is called Rosol too

Polish Food, Chicken Broth

2. Pancakes:

One thing different about polish pancakes are that they are very thin. Pancakes are first cooked and then used as roll wrapping for any kind of sweet or spicy filling like jam or anything else.

Polish Food, Pancakes

1. Dumplings:

Dumplings is also not a polish concept in cooking but polish dumplings are quite different. Its fillings can also vary.

Polish Food, Dumplings

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