Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes

There are many things in life that give people joy and are overwhelming to them. One of them HAS to be food. For some people, food is life. Their entire world revolves around food. Well, we can say that for chefs or better yet MOMs. Everyday a new question arises in the mind of any mom ‘WHAT TO MAKE TODAY’. Our foods have incorporated many dishes from across the globe and it is seen that every culture is somehow acceptor of some cuisines from across the world. Just like many different countries, Canada, a beautiful, populous and an economically powerful country, has a delightful and overwhelming chain of foods that make you run to Canada at any instant. What we don’t know IS that some food we use today originated from Canada and are the top most foods/dishes there. Here we have a list of Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes:

10. Bannock

A type of bread, this food is extremely versatile and can be used in many different dishes. You can eat it as is; use it as burger buns, like doughnuts with sugar or chocolate topping or bannock hot dogs.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Bannock

9. Tourtière

Originally of the French, this dish is basically a meat pie which is mostly famous around Québec. This is an extremely traditional dish and hard to master. It is said that it is being eaten since 1600. Wow, a heritage dish, which is why it’s on the list, NO?

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Tourtière

8.  Split Pea Soup

This dish is actually a French Canadian dish that can be dated back to almost 4000 years. This dish has gone through centuries of traditions and has been given to the beautiful Canada. This dish actually has dried peas and curded meat along with veggies and is one of the major exports of Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Split Pea Soup

7. Nanaimo Bars

A famous dessert of Canada is this three layered desert containing layers of crumb mixture, melted chocolate and butter icing. YUM! It is known to be an extremely traditional dessert, dating back to 1952. They are now used as staples throughout the country.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Nanaimo Bars

6. Butter Tarts

A beautiful tart, with a twist, is a famous Canadian food mainly comprising of a crumb base and filling of egg, butter and sugar. This dish is extremely common not only in Canada, but worldwide and has become the staple food across Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Butter Tarts

5. “Canadian” Pizza

Everyone jumps to the name of Pizza, but this one is on a whole new level. This pizza is nothing like the famous Italian pizza. It is not doughy, has a thin yummy crust and a whole bunch of different toppings. From sweet to spicy, this pizza is being eaten since several centuries across Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Canadian Pizza

4. Beavertails

A fancy name for some flattened doughnuts with no hole in between, this food is being eaten since generations and can be dated back to 1978. It actually resembles a beaver’s tail. You can put any topping on it. Now they are using nutella, sugar and many other sweets as well.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Beavertails

3. Caesar

Starting out as a drink, this drink has become famous as a food that is extremely satisfying and overwhelming. It started out in 1969 and since then is being eaten on a wide scale across Canada. It mainly comprises of vodka, Worcester, clamato juice and a salted rim.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Caesar

2. Canadian Bacon

Eaten on wide scale not only in Canada, but across the globe, this food deserves to be at this position. It is famous mainly because it is made from a loin portion of pork rather than from a pig’s belly that many people eat. Across many years, this bacon is the chief export of Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Canadian Bacon

1. Poutine

An extremely simple yet delicate dish, Poutine is actually French fries with gravy and cheese curds on top. DELICIOUS ALERT!!!! This dish is designated this position only because of its simplicity and that it is an extremely old dish, originating from 1950. Won’t you like to have a dish of these amazing foods?

Top 10 Canadian Food Dishes, Poutine

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