Top 10 Mexican Dishes – Tamales, Mole, Elote, Chilaquiles,Tostadas

 Mexican food is famous for its spices and hot sizzling taste. People of Mexico love to eat food just like people in any other part of the world. Those who love to eat live to eat and those who live to eat are those who love to eat. This is the best theory one can have about food. If you are planning to go to Mexico, or wish to get here once in life, these are the top ten Mexican dishes and foods you must try when you go there. If you do not try these, you will not be able to get idea about the nature of Mexican Dishes.

10. Tamales:

This is a nourishing food and came into being because of nutritional requirements of tribes before war. It has gone through many variations now. However, it is actually corn dough covering filled with any kind of stuffing like meat, vegetables, fruits or anything else.

Mexican Dishes, Tamales

9. Guacamole:

This is actually a kind of a sauce that is liked to be served with any kind of dishes. It is a mixture of mashed ingredients like avocados, tomato, lemon juice, bell peppers and some seasonings along with it.

Mexican Dishes, Guacamole

8. Mexican Dishes – Mole:

Mole is also a kind of sauce served with dishes of meat mainly. It is made with 20 or more ingredients, but in all cases it is a side dish only.

Mexican Dishes, Mole

7. Enchiladas:

Fish is wrapped around corn tortillas and then served with some kind of dip or sauces mentioned earlier, and the dish that comes out is called Enchiladas.

Mexican Dishes, Enchiladas

6. Elote:

Yet another corn thing Mexicans love to eat. Available at every nook and corner of Mexico. Corn on cob is boiled and served to eat in a stick or in cups to be enjoyed with spices and sauces to make it even tastier.


5. Chiles en Nogada:

These are chilies filled with meat, cheese, fruits or vegetables or any mixture of these things to make out a stuffed chilly and then served with special sauces.

Chiles en Nogada

4. Tostadas:

Left over tortillas are deep fried in hot oil and then served with any kind of garnishing is called Tostadas and believe us, these are way better than original fresh tortillas.

Mexican Dishes, Tostadas

3. Tacos al Pastor:

Tacos have always been the centre of attention of food livers all over the world. To make Tacos al Pastor, corn tortilla is served with yet another variation of filling and served with sauce of any kind.

Mexican Dishes, Tacos al Pastor

2. Pozole:

It is a kind of soup that Mexicans simply love to have as a starter. Beef, pork, chicken or just vegetables re marinated for hours and hours and then cooked at low flame to get the best taste out of the ingredients.

Mexican Dishes, Pozole

1. Chilaquiles:

It is yet another variation of corn tortillas, but the most liked one. In this, tortillas are cut into quarters and then topped up with coriander or parsley, cream, onion, or shredded chicken. All in all, it is treat to have it.

Chilaquiles, Mexican Dishes

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