Top 10 Poland Hospitals – Medicover, University Hospital

If you are looking forward to pay a visit to a doctor in Poland but don’t know where to go, here is a list of the top ten Poland hospitals to check before deciding!

10. Medical University of Bialystok:

This is a university hospital in Bialystok created in 1950 in a historic building. It has a pharmacology department, a dentistry division, division of physiotherapy, public health and nursing, medical rescue etc. It is worth being in our top ten list.

Poland Hospitals, Medical University of Bialystok

9. Children’s Memorial Health Hospital:

It is the largest pediatric hospital of Poland located in Warsaw and also is one of the leading teaching hospitals in Poland. It has 17 wards where approx 2000 physicians are working. It is also a research institute founded in 1995.

Poland Hospitals, Children’s Memorial Health Hospital

8. Medicover Poland:

It is a private healthcare institute founded in 1994. They have an updated website as well as an emergency hotline available 24/7. Their About section tells a lot about the activeness of their services and the quality of the care they provide.

Poland Hospitals, Medicover Poland

7. Medical University of Warsaw:

It is a teaching hospital further affiliated with 5 other teaching hospitals; this fact represents the expansion of the project as well as the authenticity. Their specialists are dedicated and all of them provide complex yet satisfactory treatment.

Poland Hospitals, Medical University of Warsaw

6. University Hospital Krakow:

It is a teaching hospital located in Krakow, Poland. On a national scale, it is known as leading medical centre, the physicians working there have high expertise and great practical knowledge. Same best treatment is given to both out-patients and in-patients.

Poland Hospitals, University Hospital Krakow

5. County Hospital, Sanok:

It is located in the Sanok County of Poland and has a name for its specialized doctors who never fail to do to their best when it comes to treating their patients. The Sanok County has various famous hospitals.

Poland Hospitals, County Hospital, Sanok

4. Parkview Warsaw YMCA:

Parkview Warsaw is located in Warsaw and is a non-profit community hospital established in 1844. It has recreational programs for all ages as well as services. It is more of a health club rather than a hospital but that is exactly why it stands on number 4 on our list.

Poland Hospitals, Parkview Warsaw YMCA

3. University Hospital, Lodz:

Inaugurated in 2002, this university hospital in Lodz is affiliated with 5 teaching hospitals. On an average, it has 1600 beds for serving the sick and taking good care of them. It was founded as a merger of Medical Academy of Lodz. It is considered the largest teaching hospital in Poland and also happens to be a research centre.

Poland Hospitals, University Hospital, Lodz

2. Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior is Warsaw:

It is one of the best hospitals in Poland. It is known for its remarkable cardiovascular treatments and upright provision and medical services. It was founded on 1st October 1998 and has been successful since then.

Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior is Warsaw

1. Carolina Medical Centre Warsaw:

It is rated 3 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews, located in Warsaw. It is one of the most advanced and modern hospitals of Europe, not only Poland, highly recommended!

Poland Hospitals, Carolina Medical Centre Warsaw

Top 10 Poland Hospitals

  1. Carolina Medical Centre Warsaw
  2. Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior is Warsaw
  3. University Hospital, Lodz
  4. Parkview Warsaw YMCA
  5. County Hospital, Sanok
  6. University Hospital Krakow
  7. Medical University of Warsaw
  8. Medicover Poland
  9. Children’s Memorial Health Hospital
  10. Medical University of Bialystok

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