Top Ten Best Norway Hospitals – Elverum Hospital, Levanger Hospital

Health care sector of any country is the best to analyze about its stability. Norway has some best hospitals, let us have a review about top ten Norway hospitals.

10. Levanger Hospital:

In terms of facilities provided by the hospital, it is stands on 10th position amongst the top 10 hospitals in Norway and it is located in the town of Levanger.

Best Norway Hospitals, Levanger Hospital

9. Namsos Hospital:

Another best hospital of Norway located in Namsos Norway and it is operating under the management of Central Norway regional health Authority as this hospital is government based hospital. Namsos and Levanger both are serving in same cities for public.

Best Norway Hospitals, Namsos Hospital

8. St. Olavs University Hospital:

This hospital was founded in 1902 in the city of Norway located at OYA. It is also a university as well which produces a number of doctors throughout the year. This hospital has several departments including emergency department as well.

St. Olavs University Hospital

7. Finnmark Hospital Trust:

This hospital is standing on 7th position which is located in Finnmark Norway. Main thing about this hospital is it operates as a decentralized psychiatric service.

Finnmark Hospital Trust

6. Helgeland Hospital Trust:

This hospital is almost catering the population of Helgeland in Nordland. There are 3 more hospital running under their management which are namely the Rana hospital, Mosjoen hospital and Sandnessjoen hospital.

Helgeland Hospital Trust

5. Nordland Hospital Trust:

This hospital mostly covers the specialist service and considered as one of the largest hospital trust in Nordland. In 2002 most of the departments of this hospital merged because of the government who took over the charge of this hospital.

Nordland Hospital Trust

4. University Hospital of North Norway:

One of the best hospital in Norway which are providing the facilities which includes neurology, pediatrics, neonatal medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedic, ENT, Plastic and hand surgery, anesthesia, gynecology, neurosurgery and adult and children psychiatry.

University Hospital of North Norway, Best Norway Hospitals

3. Akershus University Hospital:

This hospital has around 953 beds, which brings it amongst the largest hospitals in the world and it became a teaching hospital in 2000. There are around 9,500 employees working in this hospital and it stands on 3rd position amongst the best hospitals in Norway.

Akershus University Hospital

2. Norway Hospitals – Elverum Hospital:

One of the oldest hospital in Norway, it was built in 1878 and it is operating for general public. It is one of the best facilities providing hospital due to which it is on 2nd position.

Elverum Hospital, Norway Hospitals

1. Aker University Hospital:

Another largest hospital which is providing more than 170,000 people more residing in northern part and also it was founded in 1895 and also it has been a part of Oslo University. This hospitals stand on 1st position amongst the best hospital in Norway.

Aker University Hospital, Norway Hospitals

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