Top Ten Health Issues In The World

Top Ten Health Issues In The World

Ever wondered why is it called health is wealth? Well, because people of this era consider those as wealthy who have everything? And by everything we mean all the resources to have a luxurious and easy life. Indeed, it is impossible for a person to have a peaceful and easy life unless they are completely fit and fine. No luxury in the world can overcome the significance of health. But, unfortunately the way of living of people all around the world is making it difficult for them to stay healthy. Technological advancements and cool gadgets have made it easier to sit back and relax, making humans ease loving, and as its consequence their health getting worst.

List of Top Ten Health Issues In The World.

10. Kidney problems:

Life is to breathe as kidneys are to water, but alcohol consumption makes kidneys not to function properly. Some kidney issues are by birth or inherited while others are self-created. Solution to most of the kidney problems is dialysis.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Kidney problems

9. Mental problems:

With the world becoming a global village, far is getting nearer while people near to us remain too far away despite of being so close. This results in depression and other mental problems.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Mental problems

8. Malnutrition:

Some countries of the world do not have enough of natural resources to be provided to their residents, greatest example of it is Ethiopia where humans die of malnutrition, which is unbalanced situation of food intake.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Malnutrition

7. Injuries:

War and terror is spreading round the world because of a part of the population not being peace loving. Humans kill other humans and try to harm them in the name of terror. Accidents may also be reasons of injuries. A large number of people reportedly get admitted to hospitals for the cure if their injuries.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Injuries

6. Zika virus:

Zika virus spread through particular specie of mosquitoes. This virus existed in Africa to America previously but is now spreading to all parts of world.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Zika virus

5. Obesity:

Irregular and inappropriate eating habits of people cause obesity that is excessive amount of fat in their body. People in eastern countries are reportedly more obese than those of western countries of the world.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Obesity

4. Cardiac issues:

Problems related to heart are spreading commonly. These problems may be genetic, or self-created as result of obesity. Too much intake of fats increases the amount of fat in the body effecting valves of the heart.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Cardiac issues.

3. Ebola:

Ebola is deadly virus that spread through infected entities. It starts with headache and fever which is followed by rash and then a person starts to bleed from all parts of the body.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Ebola

2. AIDS:

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is primarily a sexually transmitted disease and it cannot be cured if diagnosed at a later stage.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, AIDS

1. Cancer:

Numerous reasons and types of cancer exist in medical science, and all of them are deadly if not diagnosed at an earlier stage.  Cancer has so far been the top most health issues if the world and its cure and remedies have always been a major topic of research.

Top Ten Health Issues In The World, Cancer

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