Top ten Norwegian foods – Akevitt, Finnbiff, Smalahove, Pinnekjott

Food has been something some people really live for. Yes, some people are alive only because they love food and all they make up in their mind is what are they going to eat next. Such freaks love to try out everything and every dish that is supposed to be made anywhere in the world. Some of them love to cook, while others prefer ready to eat. For all kinds of food lover, we have brought here a compiled list of top ten Norwegian foods and Norwegian dishes , to increase knowledge and add them in the to-try list.

10. Rokt Laks:

In easy English, it is called smoked salmons. Due to the fact that Norway as location near to coastline, salmon is one of those things that is very common in the diet of Norwegian people. Salmon is cooked in many forms, one of which is in the smoked form served with some ingredients as side dishes.

Norwegian foods, Rokt Laks

9. Torrfisk:

It is yet another dish of made of fish, and there is no doubt that people of Norway love to eat fish. It is unsalted preserved fish made ready to be eaten with the help of some natural phenomenon like fermentation or any other.

Norwegian foods, Torrfisk

8. Kjottboller:

Meat is first minced and then shaped in the form of balls by adding some spices in it like nutmeg etc. It can be served with boiled mashed potatoes or in thick gravy made by a separate procedure that can complement its ingredients.

Norwegian foods, Kjottboller

7. Farikal:

 It is a winter dish served in Norway made up of mutton, and served with potatoes usually, but there can be any variation in its serving. Cooking Farikal is simple, as it is a kind of stew made with only some simple ingredients.

Norwegian foods, Farikal

6. Krumkake:

It is sweet dish which is very unique in nature. Thin paper like rolls of cake are used to stuff a creamy filling, stuffed with sprinkles and then added chocolate chips or anything else to add up to its presentation.

Norwegian foods, Krumkake

5. Pinnekjott:

It is a dish made up of lamb, and requires some natural processes to be completed prior to its preparation.  Lamb is first cured and then dried in the air to remove all the saltiness of the meat, and then cooked to be served.

Norwegian foods, Pinnekjott

4. Polse Med Lompe:

Polse is a sausage kind of a thing which was used to be eaten in Norway without any bread, but then it was eaten with bread and called Polse med Lompe means Polse with bread. The Polse sausage can be of any meat.

Norwegian foods, Polse Med Lompe

3. Smalahove:

An indeed scary dish with Respect to its serving. It is scary because it has a whole head of the sheep served in the plate. The brain of the sheep is sometimes removed and sometimes it is left with the head to be eaten.

Norwegian foods, Smalahove

2. Norwegian foods – Finnbiff:

Finnbiff is a stew made of Reindeer meat and is widely like all over Norway. This stew is cooked with many variations and served in some amazing styles, making it to be the second best dish of our list.

Norwegian foods, Finnbiff

1. Akevitt:

It is the national drink of Norway and is served occasionally, on festivals and celebrations. It is a blend of potato and some other herbs and an alcoholic drink to be consumed.

Norwegian foods, Akevitt

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