Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016

Fitness has always been a prime concern of people all around the world. Going to a gym and hiring an instructor or paying high amount fees in order to get fit is not possible for everyone. Sometimes it also happens that a person may not be able to manage time for regular gym classes, or be free at the time of gym class. This results in a person staying unfit. But with technological advancements, nothing is impossible now. How about getting a gym instructor and class at home, and that too at that time of the day when you wish to have it. Well, not a big deal fellows. YouTube is the best option for this. You can get free video tutorials day to day and for all kind of people with different requirements. Different channels on YouTube do this.

We provide you here with the list of Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016 along with their channel links to provide you the ease of choice to maintain fitness at home.

10. BeFit:

Liongate BeFit channel of YouTube is one of the best channels for all, for home-based fitness tutorials with millions of views on all of their videos. Follow each and every video they upload to get the most out of you own body.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, BeFit.

9. Benner Fit:

This video channel of you tube also has many reviews; they have a website as well blog where they provide all the required help for maintaining a fit self.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Benner Fit

8. Popsugar Fitness:

They have a list of many ten minute workouts that consume less time and are burning too much fat. They also focus on toning of various body parts.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Popsugar Fitness

Amanda Russell:

She is a great fitness expert, with complete knowledge of foods to all the things required for fit being. Her blog, her website, everything is full package of free fitness advices.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Amanda Russell

6. Fitness Blender:

Over 450 videos to search from, search for whatever you  desire to work out for, and you will get a whole tutorial for it.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Fitness Blender

5. Yoga works:

It is a chain of gyms in America, but they have a YouTube channel too with lot of useful tutorials for fitness. They mainly focus on yoga, which is ideal for health and fitness,

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Yoga works

4. Scott Herman fitness:

This YouTube channel is a must for watch for those men who are looking for complete guide to tone their muscles and body building. Are they having some of the basic exercise equipment’s at home, this YouTube channel is the best for them.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Scott Herman fitness


On this YouTube channel, you will find a six seek fitness plan for women, and that plan focusses on body building for women, making them rough and tough, as the requirement of the time is.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Bodybuilding

2. Pump Chasers:

On his channel you will find plenty of fitness videos for men, along with bodybuilding tips and idea. They also provide discounts occasionally on various supplements.

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Pump Chasers

 Runtastic Fitness:

This YouTube channel has amazing videos uploaded weekly, to help girls and boys cut that fat and maintain a fit body. 

Top Youtube Fitness Channels 2016, Runtastic Fitness

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