10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries, myths and stories are food for soul. Many people across the world strive for these mysteries and introduce them to people in other parts of the world. Every mystery does generate from certain weird and strange behavior that causes people to make speculations about them. Just like many other unsolved mysteries, the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle Mystery. Bermuda Triangle interconnects Miami, Florida, USA, Bermuda Island and San Juan, Puerto Rico together. Bermuda Triangle is also called as the Devil’s Triangle and is a myth that people and some ships have disappeared during their journey through this Triangle. Here are 10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle.

10. Not a Triangle

The Bermuda triangle is not actually shaped like a triangle but is just named so because we have connected the three famous places that makes a triangle. There is no official demarcation of it and is not even considered a real place by many patrons of the US navy.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Not a Triangle

9. Compass Needle

It is well known that many ships and planes deviate from their course when flying through Bermuda triangle. That’s mainly because in Bermuda Triangle, the needle of the compass doesn’t point toward the Magnetic north but points towards true north and then people lose their course because of this confusion.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Compass Needle

8. Lost City of Atlantis

It has been confirmed by researchers, Pauline Zalitzki and Paul Weinzwei, that a great city exists in the depth of the Bermuda triangle consisting of pyramids and sphinx and many people believe that it might be the lost city of Atlantis.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Lost City of Atlantis

7. Bermuda Accidents

Bermuda Triangle is famous for being the place where many ships, planes and people have disappeared and experienced accidents. On an average it was calculated almost 4 aircrafts and 20 ships disappear annually. But it is also a fact that these accidents are also common in other parts of the ocean and not only over Bermuda Triangle.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Accidents

6. Atlantic Undersea Test And Evaluation Center

It is confirmed that a center called Atlantic Undersea Test And Evaluation Center has been built inside the Bermuda Triangle by the American government. It is mainly used by US navy to test their weapons, submarines and sonar.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Undersea Test And Evaluation Center

5. Methane Gas

It has also been discovered that below the seabed of Bermuda triangle, large deposits of Methane Gas are trapped. If a Methane Gas pocket is ruptured, it will cause the density of water to drop which could be the reason of ships sinking in the Triangle.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Methane Gas

4. Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers

In 1945 a tragedy took place in which 5 Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers flew across Bermuda but their compass was not functioning and they lost radio signal for 90 minutes. But after that, they were never found, not even their remains.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers

3. No Formal Study

Bermuda’s unsolved mystery is a well-known topic to people across the globe but it shocking to hear that No formal study has been conducted on this phenomenon yet. Maybe researchers are not yet ready to disappear!

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, No Formal Study

2. Opposite Triangle

Exactly opposite or counter to the Bermuda is a Dragon’s triangle in Pacific Ocean which has caused the same devastations as Bermuda has. In 1950 almost 700 sailors disappeared and are now considered a dangerous site.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Opposite Triangle

1. Major Incidents

From 1942- 2008 there have been instances in the Bermuda Triangle. It has not even left a single survivor. Its major victims include the USS Scorpions, Ellen Austin, Mary Celeste – The Ghost Ship and Tudor Star Tiger, Marine Sulphur Queen, and c-54 Skymaster.

10 Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Major Incidents

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