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Adolf Hitler is a well-known personality from the past. No one in this world is unaware of his actions and misdoings. Just an overview, Hitler was a born in Australia in 1889 but was a German politician who was the commander of the famous Nazi Party. He is considered as one of the most dreadful person of the past who caused suffering and pain for millions of Jews and people during the Second World War. He introduced many new technologies for the ease of his soldiers fighting in the wars and made sure that his orders were carried out. He was known to be a famous German dictator and was very public and therefore, some facts about him are stated below:

10 Facts About Hitler

10. Drug Addict

Adolf Hitler was prescribed by his physician to take drugs and after that he was addicted to them.  It was heard that he took almost 80 different drugs a day that is a weight of 2 pounds. He was mostly seen to consume Cocaine and Crystal Meth. Well, this fact does justify his violent behavior in the past.

10 Facts About Hitler, Drug Addict

9.  Dentist Phobia

It is heard that Hitler, in his time, was scared of dentists. He had a phobia of those needles and tools used at the dentists’.  He considered them to be painful and frightening. Well, no one really blames him; even people today are scared from dentists.

10 Facts About Hitler, Dentist Phobia

8. Vegetarian

Hitler was a well-known vegetarian and avoided any form of meat. He also kept certain food tasters who would taste his food for him to avoid any poisonous food.

10 Facts About Hitler, Vegetarian

7. Superstitious

Hitler was an extremely superstitious person. Well, who doesn’t have superstitions but they are a bit silly, aren’t they? He considered number seven to be extremely lucky and believed in the Swastika sign which he believed was magical and powerful.

10 Facts About Hitler, Superstitious

6. Sweet Tooth

Adolf Hitler was known to be a fan of sweets especially chocolates. A guy would be a racist for not liking chocolates because who doesn’t like CHOCOLATES! They’re the best.  It was heard that he would eat almost 2 pounds of chocolate in a day and would consume cakes and pastries after his meal.

10 Facts About Hitler, Sweet Tooth

5. Obsessive relations

It was heard that Hitler was obsessed with his niece. He would not let her out of her sight and keep her close to himself. Well, that’s a bit psychotic isn’t it? Hitler’s niece was also not allowed to make friends and therefore committed suicide at 23.

10 Facts About Hitler, Obsessive relations

4. Insomnia

It is heard that Hitler was an Insomnia patient. He Insomnia is actually the lack of sleep or the inability to sleep. Maybe that was usually when he made all those wicked plans. He mostly worked late at night and therefore woke up late in mornings.

10 Facts About Hitler, Insomnia

3. Secret Crush

Adolf Hitler was quite of a lover. It is a well-known fact that Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl by the name Stefanie Isak. But like many admirers, he never had the courage to go up to her and express his feelings for her. He even thought about kidnapping her and even committing suicide with her.

10 Facts About Hitler, Secret Crush

2. Artist

Adolf Hitler had a growing interest in Art. He loved many famous German artists and followed their work. But sadly to his displeasure, he was rejected from art schools and maybe he took that rejection to his heart that he became a world famous leader.

10 Facts About Hitler, Artist

1. Disney Fan

Every kid across the globe has heard about Disney and is a fan of them. Just like millions of other kids, Hitler was a great fan of Disney. He was actually impressed by the filmmakers at Disney and the updated technology they used for their animation. Well, he was a fan of at least something.

10 Facts About Hitler, Disney Fan


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