War Facts – 10 Facts about Vietnam War

Word “War” sound like disaster of anything when it happens between 2 countries. Our topic relating the facts about Vietnam War. It is also known as second Indochina war and in Vietnam it is remember as Resistance war against America. Because it took place with America.  There is a lot of interesting facts about Vietnam War which were happened in different tenor but it is very difficult to decide which fact is more superior to other because every fact has its own importance at their place. We have our own collection of Vietnam War facts which we are elaborating for you.

10. Roots of the Vietnam War:

After World War II Japan attack on Vietnam which was under French administration in the 19th century and in 1945 Japan took out its force and gave the control to Ho’s viet forces to make his own states and announced a Demographic Republic of Vietnam.

Roots of the Vietnam War

9. Huge destruction:

After the end of Vietnam War the USS midway spoiled USD 10 million worth of helicopters in the sea so that Cessna can land on the deck.

Huge destruction

8. Brave personality:

Congressional Medal Winner Peter Lemon. He was very brave man and fought against two Vietcong Troops single handedly.

Brave personality

7. The secret war:

In the early 1960’s The CIA selected 50% Hmong population for US in Vietnam War. It is also called as secret war which they were trying to do from behind the scene. But it was completely discarded at that time.

The secret war

6. Soldier with a world record:

Roy Benavidez, US soldier in Vietnam War. He fought for approximately more than 6 hours and the only soldier spend the time ever had. He fought with over 1,000 NVA peoples.  He saved a life of many soldiers and he was shot many times and considered him as dead but he turned out to be alive every time and he has to wait for 13 years to get the Medal of Honor.

Soldier with a world record

5. New technique introduced:

In the Vietnam War, an exceptional technique was used by United States against Vietcong .They are replaced the bullets with decoy bullets. They used these bullets to destroy their weapons when they fired.

New technique introduced

4. Tiger Force:

During Vietnam War, Force was used to cut the ear of the injured people. This force was called Tiger force.

Tiger Force

3. Unique mode of communication:

Slinkys were used as mobile radio antennas in Vietnam War. They hang the Slinkys over the branches of tree to extend the range of the radio. These radios were used as a mode of communication channel in the war.

Unique mode of communication

2. Deadly Massacre:

Hugh Thomson landed the helicopter in the line of fire to deal with and stop American soldiers they had killed around 500 civilian who were armless in My Lai Massacre.

Deadly Massacre

1. The Robin of the war:

Colonel Chappie James was vice wing commander also known as Black Man & Robin.

The Robin of the war

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