10 Female Scientists You Should Know

Science and technology are usually considered an area of expertise of men only. However these women scientists have broken such stereotypes by contributing a lot in the field of science. Their discoveries were crucial and groundbreaking. Some of the greatest female scientist in the history are as follows.

10. Mary Anning (Born: May 21, 1799)

Mary Anning was a paleontologist who discovered her first fossil when she was just a child, while playing with her brother. The fossil was of ichthyosaur and this discovery turned into a lifelong passion for discovering fossils. Although she did major discoveries in the field of paleontology, she was not ever claimed to be a scientist.

10 Female Scientists, Mary Anning

9. Alice Hamilton (Born: February 27, 1869)

Alice Hamilton was a pathologist and received her medical degree from the University of Michigan. After that she went on to investigate the health conditions of factory works who were exposed to toxic materials in their line of work. When denied access to the records by the industrial owners, she pulled hospital records and interviewed them separately and later on recorded her findings regarding their health conditions.

10 Female Scientists, Alice Hamilton

8. Lise Meitner (Born: November 7, 1878)

A Jewish physicist Lise Meitner was working in partnership with Otto Hahn, who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry because of the discovery of nuclear fission. However Meitner could not continue working with her partner because she had to flee Germany during the World War. Her work however has made a huge impact on science.

10 Female Scientists, Lise Meitner

7. Inge Lehmann (Born: May 13, 1888)

A Danish seismologist, Inge Lehmann discovered inconsistency in the seismic waves reflected by the earthquakes. She also discovered the inner core of the Earth. Her findings hinted that there was something solid supporting the core and later on a German scientist discovered the location of magma core.

10 Female Scientists, Inge Lehmann

6. Hilde Mangold (Born: October 20, 1898)

A German embryologist, Hilde Mangold made shocking discoveries regarding embryos. She did various experiments which led to formation of embryos to grow into two headed tadpoles possessing unique genetic makeup. Her thesis led to more advancement in the field of embryology.

10 Female Scientists, Hilde Mangold

5. Elsie Widdowson (Born: October 21, 1906)

Elsie Widdowson was a nutritionist who prescribed a diet plan that the British government implemented. She did various experiments self-injecting vitamins and other supplements which led to the making of a proper diet plan.

10 Female Scientists, Elsie Widdowson

4. Virginia Apgar (Born: June 7, 1909,)

Apgar was the first scientist to determine if the newborn babies were in perfect health or not, because at that time there was no certain way to tell. That is how Apgar score was made and used to determine the health of the babies. She even spread awareness regarding the congenital birth defects.

10 Female Scientists, Virginia Apgar

3. Chien-Shiung Wu (Born: May 31, 1912)

This amazing physicist is known for disproving the law of conservation of parity. Also the mirroring of subatomic particles. She contributed a huge deal in the field of physics so much that it became her obsession.

10 Female Scientists, Chien-Shiung Wu

2. Anne McLaren (Born: April 26, 1927)

McLaren was the pioneer of embryonic development and made a contribution in vitro fertilization research. Her contributions have led to the rapid advancement in the field of developmental biology.

10 Female Scientists, Anne McLaren

1. Stephanie Kwolek (Born: July 31, 1923)

Kwolek was the first person to develop the material for bullet proofing. She developed Kevlar which is basically used in almost everything nowadays.

10 Female Scientists, Stephanie Kwolek

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