Ancient Civilizations – 10 Ancient Forgotten Civilizations

Here are lots of Ancient Civilizations around the world that make place in our mind through reading and  any other sources, some remains in our mind due to their popularity and some were overlooked because of unfamiliar with these.

There are lots of ancient civilizations in different parts of the world. Like in Africa, unseen Sahara and Dikika baby. In America pyramid of death. In Asia truth of King David and Europe Iceman mystery. There are so many countries like Japan, Ancient Rome and Egypt have civilizations in their nations.

We have a numbers of others civilization, which were forgotten. Here we will describe you 10 0f them.

10. Hattian Civilization:

Its name sounds like to be heard first time because of no popularity due to which it is forgotten by the people. Although they had their own language but the people were unable to find any specific things in their language which is connected to ours.

Ancient Civilizations, Hattian Civilization

9. Zapotec Civilization:

The reason to forget this civilization due to failure of their economic system, although around 25,000 citizens lived over there for more than 1200 years. But the failure forcedly moved the citizens to other states.

Ancient Civilizations, Zapotec Civilization

8. Vinca Civilization:

This is one the biggest historic civilization in Europe present for more than 1400 years in 55 B.C. But unfortunately they didn’t have their own language and identity to show their presence.

Ancient Civilizations, Vinca Civilization

7. Hurrian Civilization:

Their presence was very old and it influences the Hattian civilization most. Because of this influence they worked a lot in Hattian language and were unable to create their own identity.

Ancient Civilizations, Hurrian Civilization

6. Nok Civilization:

This civilization found in Nigeria which was thrive in 1st millennium B.C. The reason for declining to remember this is due to misuse of natural resources, due to which their popularity showed the down trend and vanish it completely from the mind of people.

Ancient Civilizations, Nok Civilization

5. Punt Civilization:

A leading trading partner with ancient Egypt, the land of Punt (pronounced “punt”) was acclaimed for delivering incense, coal black, and gold. But according to archaeologists, they are unable to trace any location having named is called Punt. Although it is believed they are memorized because of trading partner with Egypt.

Ancient Civilizations, Punt Civilization

4. Norte Chico Civilization:

This civilization dominates the South America region through his urbane culture and recognized as the strong religious symbol as artifacts found around the Stone pyramid for which it is famous but after many years South American cultures dominate the Norte Chico civilization.

Ancient Civilizations, Norte Chico Civilization

3. Elamite Civilization:

They have their own kingdom for the period of more than millennium but they were not willing in any advancement due to which they are unable to make any footprint on development of future civilization and remain in darkness.

Elamite Civilization, Ancient Civilizations

2. Dilmun Civilization:

It is considered as important trading civilization, Dilmun take in an area consisting of modern Bahrain, Kuwait, and parts of Saudi Arabia. They almost captured the gulf trading lanes and communication network systems.

Ancient Civilizations, Dilmun Civilization

1. Harappa Civilization:

Also known as Indus valley civilization. There were a lot of people who exist in presently in Pakistan and India. Their famous places are Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. However it is one of the least forgotten civilizations because it was the most civilization ever in the history of world.

Elamite Civilization, Harappa Civilization


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