10 Most Popular Roman Gods And Goddesses

Romans have always believed in a large number of deities. For every specific thing they have a different god or a goddess, who is ruling over a single factor and they will solely be in charge of that without straying from it. For example if a soldier wanted strength he’d worship the god of war, etc. Here is a list of 10 Most Popular Roman Gods And Goddesses.

10. Venus

Being the goddess of love, beauty and lust, people worshipped her solely for romantic purposes and if she granted their wishes she was respected by many.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Venus

9. Bacchus

Bacchus is the god of wine and agriculture. He is sort of a rip off of Greek god Dionysus. He was also more famously known as liberator, meaning he freed people of their normal self with the use of madness and state of ecstasy.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Bacchus

8. Ceres

In Roman mythology Ceres is the goddess of earth, meaning nurturing the earth, agriculture and harvest. Granting fertility of the lands and reaping crops.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Ceres

7. Mars

The most prominent, famous and the most frequently worshipped god was Mars. He’s the god of war, he was the son of Jupiter and Juno.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Mars

6. Minerva

It is believed by the Roman and Etruscans that Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and art, schools and even commerce. She was the Etruscan counter part of Greek Athena.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Minerva

5. Diana

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of moon, birthing, heaven and divine. She even had the powers to interact and control animals.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Diana

4. Pluto

Pluto was more famously known as the god of the underworld or god of death and the ultimate judge. He is also the Roman counterpart of Greek god Hades.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Pluto

3. Apollo

Keeping in mind his youthful appearance, Apollo was regarded as the god of healing, youth, sun and light. He was the son of Greek god Zeus and Leto. He was responsible for bringing sunlight to the earth by harnessing his chariot to move the sun across the earth.

Roman Gods And Goddesses, Apollo

2. Jupiter

Jupiter is more popularly known as the god of thunder or the supreme god. Being the King of gods he distributed the laws among other gods and goddesses and keeping a check on them.


1. Neptune

Brother of Jupiter and Pluto, he is the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon. Neptune was mainly associated to water and called as god of the sea, some say it was only fresh water. Neptune was the owner of two temples in Rome that contained several famous sculptures related to marine.



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