10 Scientists That Changed The World

In today’s day and age there are so many things that would not have been possible without the contributions of scientists to add more knowledge for the coming generations and we can see it in the form of progress that is being made in almost every field of life to benefit from it. Had it not been for the groundbreaking discoveries and inventions by these scientists, we quite possibly would have been stuck in the Stone Age. Here is a list of 10 Scientists That Changed The World.

10. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, an English biologist changed the perception of how life start on earth by his renowned theory, “Theory of Evolution” which basically gave the concept that almost all the living beings out there have evolved from something that existed previously.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Charles Darwin

9. Niels Bohr

A Danish physicist, Niels Bohr gave such an explanation that helped in understanding the structure of atoms and made it easier to understand Quantum mechanics. He even received a Nobel Prize in Physics. He is considered one of the greatest scientists of all time.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Niels Bohr

8. Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a Polish physicist and a chemist who contributed a lot in the field of radioactivity. So much so that she is considered a pioneer and is the only scientist who has been awarded Nobel Prize in two different spheres of Science. She was also the very first female professor that University of Paris had recruited.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Marie Curie

7. Galileo Galilei

Italian astronomer and physicist, Galileo was one of the best physicist of all time and is regarded as “Father of Science” because of his contributions in the field of physics and astronomy. His improvement includes the improvement of the telescope which led to astronomical observations.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Galileo Galilei

6. Alan Turing

An English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing is a renowned name in history. Specially his contribution during the time of Second World War. He worked with the UK’s code breaking center where he put his mind to breaking the German Enigma Machine. He eventually did succeed in his task.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Alan Turing

5. Nikola Tesla

A Siberian Engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla has been regarded as one of the most important scientists of modern era as he has made considerable amount of contributions in the field of electricity. His contributions literally lit up the world.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Nikola Tesla

4. Louis Pasteur

The person behind giving the concept of pasteurization is none other than Louis Pasteur, who was a great biologist and chemist. Pasteur is the one who created vaccines to fight off diseases like rabies and anthrax.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Louis Pasteur

3. James Maxwell

James Maxwell was a Scottish physicist and a mathematician who first introduced the idea of electromagnetic field using a couple of equations. He also proved that the speed of light is equal to electromagnetic field. His contributions have made him one of the greatest scientists of all time.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, James Maxwell

2. Albert Einstein

Einstein was a German physicist who is known for his famous theory of relativity and most specifically mass energy equivalence the equation being, E=mc2.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Albert Einstein

1 Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest and the most influential scientists of all time, he made contributions in several fields of science. His contributions include the discovery of force of Gravity, his three famous laws of motion and even the motions of astronomical bodies in space and a lot more.

10 Scientists That Changed The World, Isaac Newton

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