Amazing Facts – 10 Weird Things From History

Humans have always behaved weird. Or we can say that what one person or group of people considers being weird is just a normal thing to the other. It is human nature to involve in activities that sound or look beneficial to them. Each and everything humans do is for the benefit of themselves.History of the entire planet earth is loaded with such weird things that people used to do or which happened with him incidentally. Let us have a look at the Amazing Facts and the ten weird things from history.

10. Strange Monks:

There were monks in Japan at some point in history that used to make them ready to be a mummy after they die. In this way they would be considered as Buddha and will be displayed in temple where people would worship them.

Amazing Facts, Strange Monks

9. Killing Girls:

China has a high population rate due to which every couple was allowed to have a single child only. Due to this rule, almost tens of thousands of baby girls died of negligence.

Amazing Facts, Killing Girls

8. Sacrificing Human Lives:

The Mayans and Aztecs in ancient civilization of late 1400’s used to kill humans to please their Gods, and that too in weird ways. One of those weird ways was to pull out a beating heart from a person’s chest.

Amazing Facts, Sacrificing Human Lives

7. Origin of Toilet Paper:

Toilet paper was invented by the Chinese (as expected), but the rest of the people of the world was introduced with the concept of toilet paper after almost 1300 years of its invention.

Amazing Facts, Toilet Paper

6. Amazing Facts Einstein as a President:

Just imagine reading about albert Einstein as the former president of Israel rather than a scientist. Yes, he was offered this position but refused to accept.

Amazing Facts, Einstein

5. Idea of using Finger Prints:

Once, two look alike men were put to prison for a same crime because it was impossible to figure out the real culprit, and that’s how came the concept of fingerprints.

Amazing Facts, Finger Prints

4. Shortest War:

It is a common belief that when a war starts, it is very difficult to end it. But the shortest war in history came to halt within 40 minutes. This war was between Britain and Zanzibar.

Amazing Facts, Zanzibar Shortest War

3. Luckiest Lady on Earth:

Anna Mae Dickinson is considered to be the luckiest woman on earth because she managed to survive titanic and Lusitania drowning, pearl harbor and Hindenburg explosions, and 9/11 too.

Amazing Facts, Luckiest Lady on Earth

2. Old Age Alarms:

When alarm clocks were not invented, people were hired to fire peasant sleeping people to wake them up for work. And the funny point to ponder is who would use to wake up those human alarms?

Amazing Facts, Old Age Alarms

1. The Always Leaning Pisa Tower:

The foundation of Pisa tower had something wrong at the time since when it was dug, so it was left incomplete for almost 100 years. When it was decided to resume the construction work, nothing was done about its foundation and we got this wonder.

Amazing Facts, Leaning Pisa Tower

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