Armenia Facts – 10 Historical Facts about Armenia

If you are looking for armenia facts. Every country in this world has come into being after going through a rich history period, and one they become modern, the past events become history. Just like any other country, Armenia has also some facts from its history that makes it unique in its own way. Have a look at ten of such historical facts about Armenia, and we bet you would find it interesting.

10. Armenia Facts – Popular Game:

The most popular game of Armenia is chess, and its popularity can be seen from the fact that chess is made compulsory subject in every school. Learning to play chess is considered necessary since ancient periods in Armenia.

Armenia Facts, Popular game of Armenia is chess

9. State Religion:

There are many countries in the world that have Christianity as their state religion but Armenia was the first one to do so, ever in the history of Christianity in the world.

Armenia Facts, State Religion

8. First Church:

Armenia has the fortune of having the first church that was ever made in the world. After that, many other churches and prayer places were made in other countries, but Armenia has a significant value for religion and religious places.

Armenia Facts, First Church

7. Genocide:

During the ottoman rule, a genocide happened in Armenia 100 years ago from the recent date, and in that incident people as  much as 1.5 million were killed and that is why this event is unable to be forgotten in the history of Armenia.

Armenia Facts, Genocide

6. Wine Production:

Wine production in Armenia is happening since very old days, almost hundreds if r=years ago because of the fine quality of grapes being grown there.

Historical Facts about Armenia, Wine Production

5. Tonir:

The use of tonir is very clear in the history of Armenia, and the tonir is still used in this country for baking bread made of dough of flour, salt and water. No meal was/is complete for Armenians unless they have bread baked in that tonir.

Historical Facts about Armenia, Tonir

4. Mt. Ararat:

It is a mountain in Armenia and the whole country worships it because of its importance in their lives since a long period. This is why government has declared Mt. Ararat as the national symbol of Armenia.

Historical Facts about Armenia, Mt. Ararat

3. Equality For All:

In Armenia, the treatment for locals and tourists is the same for all, because years ago a rule was made to consider every person equal in the country who exists here.

Historical Facts about Armenia, Equality For All

2. Pink City:

Since a long period, all the buildings and houses in Yerevan city of Armenia are built out of pink block and bricks, leading this city to be named as the pink city.

Armenia Facts, Pink City

1. Importance Of Apricot:

Apricot is fruit but has been very important for Armenians, and it can be seen from the fact that at the time of designing the flag for the country, a portion was dedicated to have the color of apricot in the flag to symbolize the importance all around the world.

Armenia Facts, Importance Of Apricot

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