Biggest Earthquake In History

Top 10 Biggest Earthquake In History of the World

When tectonic plates collide or shift from their position in the earth’s crust, their immediate reaction results into earthquakes. The world has witnessed plenty of those. Here we have made a list of the Top 10 Biggest Earthquake In History of the World

10. Assam, Tibet.

On 15th August, 1950 an earthquake hit Assam with the magnitude of 8.8, destroying seventy villages in its wake. The epicenter of this earthquake was Tibetan Rima. However most of the destruction was in the Indian Assam. Land sliding killed over 1500 people. This earthquake was soon followed by extreme flooding.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Assam Tibet

9. Lisbon, Portugal.

1st November 1755 was the day when an earthquake of 8.7 magnitude hit the city of Lisbon and its shocks and following disasters were felt in North Africa and a few cities of Europe. Since it was the age of enlightenment, it became one of the most popular topics for artists.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Lisbon, Portugal

8. Ecuador, South America.

Erupted from the sea near the coast of Ecuador with a magnitude of 8.8 it took a form of tsunami that killed over a thousand people all the way to San Francisco. It happened on 13th January of 1906.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Ecuador, South America

7. Bio-Bio, Chile.

The earthquake that hit Bio-Bio early morning in 2010 was massively destructive and turned into tsunami that caused destruction in the regions all over Pacific. It had a magnitude of 8.8.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Bio-Bio, Chile

6. North Pacific Coast of America.

In the year 1700 an earthquake hit North America and wiped a huge chunk of population of Vancouver Island near Pachena Bay. After shocks were felt all the way to Japan in the form of tsunami.

Biggest Earthquake In History, North Pacific Coast of America

5. Arica, Peru 1868.

Hawaii has also witnessed its fair share of destruction by the tsunami after the pacific basin earthquake. Four hours after the first shock waves almost as high as 16 meters flooded the shores. The magnitude of this earthquake was 9.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Arica, Peru 1868

4. Kamchatka, Russia.

The magnitude of this earthquake was around 9 and it hit the volcanic Russian peninsula but the actual damage was done in Hawaiian island which caused destruction for millions of dollars.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Kamchatka, Russia

3. Sumatra, Indonesia.

The earthquake that caused the deadliest tsunami in the world had the magnitude of 9.1. This earthquake was felt in 14 countries across Asia and east Africa. The most destruction was seen in Sumatra, Indonesia almost 170,000 people killed only here.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Sumatra, Indonesia

2. Prince William Sound, Alaska.

The Gulf of Alaska was hit by an earthquake of 9.2 magnitude that caused a lot of land sliding and flood waves that were as high as 67 meters in height and wiped out properties and causing damage worth of 311 million dollars.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Prince William Sound, Alaska

1. Chile, South America.

Lastly we will talk about the world’s most powerful earthquake that had the magnitude of 9.5 and killed more than 4500 people. It struck in Chile in 1960 and destroyed the port of Puerto Saavedra by the tsunami that followed. The total cost of damage was around 550 million dollars. The tremors were felt all the way to Japan and Philippines.

Biggest Earthquake In History, Chile, South America

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