Brazil Information – 10 Brazil Facts You Must Know

If you are searching for Brazil Information you are at right place. Some weird as well as interesting facts are attached with each and every place in the world. Let us see what the top most considerable historical Brazil Facts are.

10. Rio de Janeiro:

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil considered as one of the seven wonders in the world i.e. the statue of Christ the redeemer. The idea of this statue was first initiated by priest during 1920’s. However the idea was rejected by the government and again it started in 1920’s and somehow they were able to collect some money to start the construction of this project and complete in 1931 which is now become today the symbol of Brazil Christianity.

Brazil Information, Rio de Janeiro

9. 5th Largest Population Country:

As like Brazil is 5th largest population country in the world similarly Brazil is the largest country amongst the Latin America and cater almost half of South American continent.

Brazil Information, 5th Largest Population Country

8. Largest Biodiversity:

Brazil is the only country who has largest biodiversity in the world because of the presence of Amazon in which around more than 3000 freshwater fisher, 70,000 insects and 55000 different plants exist. Scientist believes that Brazil has more than 4 million species of plants and animals which is a very big quantity.

Brazil Facts, Largest Biodiversity

7. Brazil Information – Soccer Team:

Brazil is the only team who had won soccer world cup 5 times. The people of Brazil consider this game as the 2nd GOD. Also they hosted the world cup in 2014 although they started as a favorite but unable to win and lost against Netherland for the 3rd place.

Brazil Facts, Soccer Team

6. Brazil Facts – Asian Brazilian:

A number of immigrants moved from Japan to Brazil in 18th century to earn income and start work at coffee farms.  As of now almost more than 1 million people of Brazil are Asian decent and called Asian-Brazilian.

Brazil Facts, Asian Brazilian

5. Portuguese Language:

It is the only country in South America in which people speak Portuguese language in order to communicate.

Brazil Facts, Portuguese language

4. Largest Christian Population:

The people of Portugal started settling Brazil in the 16th century due to which Brazil is considered as the 2nd highest Christian population and the largest Roman Catholic population in the world.

Brazil Facts, Largest Christian Population

3. Largest Rain Forest:

Brazil has largest rain forest in the world. The Amazon forest compromised lives of more than 27 million people over there out of which 300,000 Indians that belongs to different ethnicities.

Brazil Facts, Rain Forest

 2. Largest Coffee Producer:

Brazil is considered as large coffee producer in the world, in 2011 they produced around 2.6 million tons. We can consider them as a largest coffee producer in the world. Interesting to know that coffee bush is not natural crop in Brazil it is planted which was first done by Francisco de Melo in 1727.

Brazil Facts, Largest Coffee Producer

1. Largest Car Producer:

It is surprising to know that Brazil car owners has explode and number of car running increase on alternative fuel. However Brazil is considered as one of the largest producer of cars i.e. about 3 million cars in a year.

Brazil Facts, Largest Car Producer

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