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This world has seen numerous poets, playwright, authors or writers in general, across many centuries. Year after year another writer is introduced with his/her writings and people seem to acclaim or negate his writings, depending upon their taste and likes or dislikes. But a writer, that came into this world and left it, was an impressionable man. He not only wrote thousands of plays, poems, stories and acted but he also inspired others to walk in his footsteps. It is the famous Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He is termed as ‘bard of Avon’ OR National Poet of England. He is also the author of the famous plays like Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, The Tempest and a thousand more. Some unknown and interesting facts Shakespeare are:

  1. Large Vocabulary

Anyone who has read even a single play of Shakespeare knows how difficult it is to interpret what he means in his writings. Shakespeare was an experienced writer, having an amazing vocabulary and his works had almost 30,000 or more different words in them.

Facts Shakespeare, Large Vocabulary

  1. No documentation

Whatever you write, you make copies of it so you cherish your writings and your art. But to our disbelief, not even a single original manuscript of any Shakespeare play exists until today. Maybe they were written so quickly just for the sake of performance on stage, that no one even gave a second to even jot them down separately.

Facts Shakespeare, No documentation

  1. Lord Chamberlain’s Men

A group called Lord Chamberlain’s Men was a theatre or acting group which in London, turned into a leading player’s company. Only a few people know that Shakespeare was one of the founders of this group. This group started out in 1594 and soon progressed well enough.

Facts Shakespeare, Lord Chamberlain’s Men

  1. Poet Shakespeare

There was an outbreak of plague in Europe during the years 1592-1594. During that time, the government closed down all the London theatres because they thought crowded places like these helped flourish this plague. During this outbreak, Shakespeare went onto becoming a poet from a playwright. Well, he succeeded in that too.

Facts Shakespeare, Poet Shakespeare

  1. Fast writer

Many of us are fast writer, scribbling and cutting some sentences along the way. It is said about Shakespeare that he was an extremely fast and quick writer who wrote with ease and with clean handwriting. He didn’t even strike out a single sentence.

Facts Shakespeare, Fast writer

  1. Lost Years (Facts Shakespeare)

From mid 1580s to 1592, Shakespeare disappeared into thin air. No one knew where he was, neither any work of his was unleashed. No one knows what he did and didn’t do during 1585-1592. Many people have termed those years as the “Lost years”.

Facts Shakespeare, Lost Years

  1. Moving from London

Who likes moving? It’s an extremely hectic, frustrating and a boring job. It is said about Shakespeare that in mid 1580s, he shifted from London to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was after his transfer that he went into hiding and didn’t re-appear till 1592.

Facts Shakespeare, Moving from London

  1. Young Marriage

Many people will be shocked to hear that Shakespeare got married in the age of 18 to Anne HATHAWAY. He then lived a happy life and had 3 kids; Baby girl and Twins: boy and a girl in 1584. The love of his plays came from his real life after all.

Facts Shakespeare, Young Marriage

  1. High School Graduate

Another shocking revelation to Shakespeare’s fans: Shakespeare never went to college. He rather worked on his writing skills and went onto becoming a famous playwright, poet and actor and making generations of people to look up to him. What if he had been to college, then would he have been this famous or even more?

Facts Shakespeare, High School Graduate

  1. No Actual Birthdate

We do know that Shakespeare was born in 1564 but the exact birthdate is still not confirmed, even after so many centuries have gone by. Only his Baptization date i.e. April 26 1564 is known and mostly this date is written everywhere as his birthdate. But assuming that he was baptized as a baby maybe the day he was actually born on is only some days earlier than this date.

Facts Shakespeare, No Actual Birthdate

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