French History – 10 Historical Facts about France

Here we have top 10 Historical Facts about France. Every country has a history and some facts related to it. France is also a country with rich history, weather it has to do with personalities or any happenings. Let us go through the facts of French history.

10. Wine Production:

France has the world’s largest production of wine. Its wine is distributing all around the world and considered being the world expensive wine.

French History, Wine Production

9. Depressed Country:

According to survey 1 people in every 5 person is depressed and considered as most depressed country in the world.

French History, Depressed Country

8. Most Influential Writers And Thinkers:

France had an honor to introduce most writers and thinkers as they have won 15 nobel prizes in literature more than any other country. They have indeed a rich philosophical understanding.

French History, Most Influential Writers And Thinkers

7. French History – Gay Marriages:

France was the first modern country to legalize same sex activity. Because of this almost 96% of high schools have condom vending machines and In 2013 France was the ninth country to have legalized marriage with same gender. Although many people opposed this law but according to polling in France 50% people were interested to have a relationship with the same gender.

Historical Facts about France, Gay Marriages

6. Marry with Dead Person:

According to law in France, You may marry with dead person if you can prove that the dead person was willing to marry with you when he or she was alive.

Historical Facts about France, Marry with Dead Person

5. Tour De France:

France is organizing the world’s largest cycle race having named “Tour De France” for more than 100 years. First race was started in 1903 July and since then it has become a tradition in France for every year.

Historical Facts about France, Tour De France

4. Artificial Heart Transplant:

France was the country who had a first artificial heart transplanted in 2013 at Georges Hospital. The weight of the artificial heart is 3 times more than the actual heart weight.

Historical Facts about France, Artificial Heart Transplant

3. Life Expectancy Rate:

France is on sixth position in life expectancy rate. Average age of women is 85 and average age of men is 79. France had also an honor that according to Guinness book of world record a French lady lived for 122 years and saw WW1 and WW2.

Life Expectancy Rate

2. Imposition on Supermarket:

France was the first country to impose banned on supermarkets to throw all the unsold food. In 2016 they have made a regulation for supermarket to donate unsold items to any charity.

Imposition on Supermarket

1. Most Visited Country:

According to world ranking tourism report France is highly visited tourist place of about 84 million people visiting France each year. One of the reasons behind this is that France share borders with 8 different nations with duty free. So it is very easy to travel in France from these 8 countries.

Most Visited Country France

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