Historical Mistakes – 10 Biggest Mistakes In History

History is loaded with examples of mistake that show unpredictable human behavior. Humans are always prone to commit mistakes. If they learn lessons and do not commit that mistake again, it is considered to be part of learning that is an ongoing thing in the life of a human being. There are some mistakes that bring losses that can never be fulfilled. Let us see ten of those worst Historical Mistakes of the world.

10. Biggest Fire of California:

A hunter was lost in the California forest in 2003 and lit a fire signal to grab attention which turned out to be worst mistakes in the history of California. That single fire signal led a huge fire in the forest destroying the whole forest as well as acres of land and many lives.

Historical Mistakes, Fire of California

9. Sony took over Columbia pictures:

In the year 1989, Sony bought Columbia pictures only to produce flop movies and also causing than billion losses due to price increase and lawsuits adjustments.

Historical Mistakes, Sony took over Columbia pictures

8. Coca cola and Pepsi:

 In the history of both the companies, Coca Cola was given much chance to take over the Pepsi Company, but they never did it and lost the chance to rule the Cola market by no taking over their rivals.

Historical Mistakes, Coca cola and Pepsi

7. Start of World War I:

The driver of the duke and duchess took a wrong turn that caused the assassins fire to go on the mark. The duke was on his way to hospital for some social cause. This lead to the start of First World War.

Historical Mistakes, Start of World War I

6. NASA lost Mars climate Orbiter:

NASA almost this 1.2 million dollar orbiter because two different teams were working with two different number systems that lead to lost coordinates of the Orbiter.

Historical Mistakes, NASA lost Mars climate Orbiter

5. 6 instead of D Historical Mistakes:

A programmer at the Leading telecom company used 6 in the code rather than D, which lead to blockage of various telephone lines and causing millions loss to the company.

Historical Mistakes, 6 instead of D

4. Adultery made mandatory:

Two of the Bible printers in 1631 forgot to type a “not” in a sentence that stated to not indulge in adultery, hence making it something good. Actions were later taken on it.

Historical Mistakes, Adultery made mandatory

3. Germany lost World War II:

Field Marshal was the in charge of German army but he took a day off on 6th June and the enemies attacked on the same day, which resulted in German defeat.

Historical Mistakes, Germany lost World War II

2. Ford made Edsel:

The Ford Company manufactured the Edsel car but was mistaken at the determination task. It was not the correct time in 1957 to launch such an expensive car and they had to stop making it in 1959.

Historical Mistakes, Ford made Edsel

1. Titanic Drowning:

Titanic was drowned because there were no binoculars available to see the iceberg in the way. Binoculars were placed in locker and someone just forgot the keys of the locker were right in his pocket.

Historical Mistakes, Titanic Drowning

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