Top Ten Most Influential People In History

There are a huge number of people on the planet, who are impacting with influence of other individuals, and it is very difficult for us to choose who influence the most. Influential personalities in people vary from individual to individual as all they have different set of psyches, some influence with their work, some influence with their moral behavior. Here we have a list of Top Ten Most Influential People In History.

10. Mahatma Gandhi:

He was the first one, who played an important role for India independence, despite of so many barriers during his struggle; he didn’t lose his hope for India independence. He influenced so many people through his behavior; attitude and moral support also there are lot of movies has been made in Hollywood as well as Bollywood on his personality.

Influential People, Mahatma Gandhi

9. Alexander the Great:

Alexander III of Macedon commonly known as Alexander the Great. He was the king of Macedon. He was admired by many Romans, particularly generals as most of the Roman saw him as a role model in their life.

Influential People, Alexander the Great

8. Charles Darwin:

He was an English naturalist and geologist. His contribution towards evolutionary theory can’t be forgotten. Although without publication of his work he would be considered well repute author, a lot of people of influenced by his working.

Influential People, Charles Darwin

7. Galileo Galilei:

He was born in Pisa although he was a great mathematician but his contribution toward theory of law of Inertia and motion of free falling bodies in physics so valuable. He was the one who invent Galileo telescope.

Influential People, Galileo Galilei

6. Aristotle:

He was a Greek Philosopher and he wrote on physical subjects. His reasoning affected the influence on advancement of all Western philosophic theories.

Influential People, Aristotle

5. Leonardo da Vinci:

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly Leonardo da Vinci liked to deal with painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, and so many others, also he was called the father of paleontology. He is remembered as one of the greatest painters of all time.

Influential People, Leonardo da Vinci

4. Albert Einstein:

He was born in Germany, since childhood he showed his interest in science especially in physics and he proved himself by publishing the work in his miracle year (3 papers published Brownian Motion, Quantum Theory and theory of relativity in 1905) for his Ph.D.

Influential People, Albert Einstein

3. Isaac Newton:

He was a great mathematician and physicist. He is also known as father of physics for his contribution in 17th century due to his Newton’s law of motion brought revolution in modern physics.

Influential People, Isaac Newton

2. Jesus Christ:

Jesus also known as Christ which means king or Messiah was born in Israel 2000 years ago. He was a religious leader. He is a focal figure in Christianity and was imitated as the life of God by numerous Christians everywhere throughout the world.

Influential People, Jesus Christa

1. Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him):

He was regarded as the last and perfect Prophet. The Muslims as well as non-Muslims acknowledge his (peace be upon him) unchallenged place in Islamic history as he is considered as the most influential personality in the world especially among the Muslims.

Influential People, Muhammad Peace be Upon Him

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