Second World War – Top 10 Facts about World War 2

The most deadly event in the history to of the world to ever occur was the Second World War. It has been talked about through the years from time and time again. So many lives lost and so much destruction was caused because of this war which continued over the course of six years because of so much loss this specific event came to be known as the deadliest occurring of the 20th Century. The World War 2 lasted about six years starting from 1939 and ending on 1945 but the conflicts related to this war started quite earlier. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 historical facts about World War 2 that you probably did not know about. For all the history lovers out there keep on reading.

10. Second World War Percentage of Survivors

According to the statistics, 80% of the males born in 1923, Soviet did not survive the war or even lived to see the end of it. From this statistics you can imagine the amount of lives lost while fighting this war and the destruction it caused.

Second World War, Percentage of Survivors

9. Air Force, a Part of Army

During the World War 2 and before, air force was affiliated and incorporated in the army and did not separate until the end of war.

World War 2, Air Force, a Part of Army

8. Facts about World War 2 Hamburgers

In order to avoid the German sounding name of the dish, hamburgers were called “Liberty Steaks” during the time of the World War II.

Facts about World War 2, Hamburgers

7. Sieg Heil March

In order to form their Siege Heil march, the Nazis plagiarized the Harvard “Fight song”.

Second World War, Siege Hail March

6. Family of Adolf Hitler

It is said that a family member who was the nephew of Adolf Hitler, William Hitler was in the US Navy during the World War II but later on changed his name one the war ended.

Second World War, Family of Adolf Hitler

5. World War 2 Tank Battle

The chief battle of tanks that took place between German and Russians was at the Kursk salient in Russia. Approximately 3600 tanks were involved in this battle and is still considered the biggest battle of tanks.

Second World War, World War 2 Tank Battle

4. Plan of Migration to Madagascar

Prior to deciding on killing the Jews by gassing them in the gas chambers, the Nazi Germany had thought of sending them all to the island of Madagascar.

Second World War, Migration to Madagascar

3. Potential Target of Third Atom Bomb in Japan

If US had considered bombing another third city of Japan with Atom Bombs then the potential target might have been the city of Tokyo which also happens to be the capital of Japan. We can only imagine how much more destruction it’d have led to if such an event did occur.

Second World War, Atom Bomb in Japan

2. Continuation of First World War

Several historians have actually reached the same conclusion that the Second World War was a continuation of the First World War with a big break in the middle of it.

Second World War, Continuation of First World War

1. Disguised as Refugees

A numerous amount of German war criminals disguised themselves as refugees and displaced persons camps. By the end of the war, they had gained freedom.

Second World War, Disguised as Refugees

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