Ten Historical Events That Changed The World

History is full of events that changed the entire course of the world. If these events did not happen back then, the world would be a totally different place to live. Some of them were positive while others left a negative impact on the society these days. Let us see ten of those events of history.

10. 9/11- World Trade Centre Attacks:

This destruction of WTC was one of the most shocking news for the world no one was expecting. This attack brought a revolution in America and they are now most strict against terrorism especially in Afghanistan.

Historical Events, 9 11 World Trade Centre Attacks

9. Birth of Christianity:

Christianity has its own religion, belief and concepts of life which are different from other community. They consider bible is the best book for them in the world but the authentication is still a question mark in most of the minds.

Historical Events, Birth of Christianity

8. The Reformation:

The concept of reformation was brought after publishing Martin Luther’s thesis.  He was worried about practices of Roman Catholic Church. He thought that in 16th century people became more literate then earlier and any revolution cannot be made without reformation.

Historical Events, The Reformation

7. Medical Revolution:

If we imagine for a while that in the world there is no doctor or no medicine. How will it look like? How difficult it would become to survive if you are sick? Medical revolution brought a potential in human life. Because penicillin saved more lives than purified water. Now we realize how life was without medical revolution.

Historical Events, Medical Revolution

6. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- 1914:

After the death of Archduke Franz First World War declared by Austria-Hungry again Serbia and found the use of modern Weapon including chemical weapons and tanks. They killed more than 9 million people.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- 1914

5. The Renaissance:

No one knows that renaissance gave Picasso and Michelangelo to the world, Columbus and Vasco da Gama tried to change the world map and was thinking about new civilization but a breakthrough that made the conservative orthodox Europe adapt to the more logical ways of the world.

Historical Events, The Renaissance

4. Invasion of Poland by Germany- 1939:

Invasion of Poland happened when Hiroshima had safe the atomic bomb. After that UK and France had a war on Germany. This was followed by World War II and provides an opportunity for USA and Soviet Union to become the super power of the world.

Historical Events, Invasion of Poland

3. The Industrial Revolution:

Today if you think that you are sitting in post offices and employed? Yes because in earlier 1760 Industrial revolution started from England because of new technological advancement and spread in all over the Europe. The advancement in technology which we are enjoying today is due to this revolution.

Historical Events, The Industrial Revolution

2. Boston Tea Party – 1773:

It was basically a protest by some people of Boston. It was a kind of political protest in which they destroyed some shipments a whole bulk of tea which was the first step towards the American Revolution.

Historical Events, Boston Tea Party

The Birth of Muhammad – 570 A.D.:

The Birth of our Holy prophet Peace be upon him is the great gift for All the Muslims in the world. We cannot compare him with anyone in the world. He is the best example to set a standard of living for all, not just Muslims but for all people around the world. With his birth, many evils of the society started vanishing away with his efforts and the world was made to be a better place to live.

Historical Events, The Birth of Muhammad

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